10 Best Home Insurance Companies

Being a homeowner is awesome. There are many benefits but you will also have to deal with things that are not exactly fun. One of those things is finding homeowners insurance. To make this decision less of a pain, here are the best home insurance companies. 

Hopefully, you will find one that suits your needs. 


This homeowners insurance is unique. Being a B-corporation, one of its goals is positively impacting the environment, community, workers and society. 

When you pay premiums, Lemonade cuts a flat fee and 20% goes to funding business operations. 80% is used to cover claims. If there is leftover money, it is directed to charities. 

It has a low cost, pays claims quickly and has a giveback policy. The main downside is that it is not available in some states.


This insurance company is not owned by stockholders/investors but is owned by policyholders. This means that you may receive dividends when your term ends. 

The customer service is amazing and you will enjoy many discounts. The main disadvantage is that their website is generic and barely has useful resources.

Liberty Mutual

This one has been in the business for over 100 years. Their website is resourceful and you can get premium quotes quickly. 

Liberty mutual is one of the best insurance companies but their prices may not be affordable for you.


Progressive has a website that is easy to use, awesome discounts and amazing customer service. They have many benefits such as inflation guard endorsement and coverage for fences, sheds and pools. 

The home insurance is not underwritten by Progressive exclusively. 


Nationwide has the highest number of endorsements compared to any other insurance company. Their most outstanding benefit is the Brand New Belongings Coverage. The major downside is that their policies are expensive. 

Allstate Home Insurance

There are many things that make Allstate a good home insurance company. The Allstate website, to begin with, has so many resources to answer all your questions. 

You will earn discounts for having smoke alarms, deadbolt locks and fire alarms. The major downside is that some things are not covered and the customer service is average. 


This is a huge corporation that has been there for 160 years. Their benefits are outstanding—some of them cannot be found elsewhere.

Although it is a big name, some customers have been unsatisfied.

MetLife Home Insurance

For natural disasters, this is probably the best option. Your policy will rebuild your home and replace your belongings. 

They have great customer service but a horrible website.

Farmers Insurance

This is another trusted company with great customer service. Safety features will earn you discounts. The main disadvantage is that their premiums are very expensive. 

Hippo Home Insurance

You can get a quote with Hippo in 60 seconds. The downside is that it is a relatively new company and does not operate in most states. 

Other Factors to Consider

  • High deductible policy
  • Umbrella policy
  • Flood insurance

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