10 Tips to Make Money in a Pandemic

2020 was an unforgettable year that was messed up by the coronavirus pandemic. Truth be told, we all got caught off guard in one way or another. Some lost their loved ones and left cumulative hospital bills to pay off, while others experienced economic hardships.

If you were affected in one way or another, do not just sit there and watch others prosper. Below are some of the ways to help you make extra money to help you fight any financial hardship due to the pandemic, recessions, or any other life changing event.

  1. Selling Your Stuff Online

 Selling your unwanted stuff in the house will not only help declutter your home but  also as a source of income. This did not start when the pandemic befell the world, but it has been a continuous exercise in most homes and offices.

The chance of misplacing items in the house with many unwanted items is high. Why don’t you work towards remaining with the only few clothes you want to wear?

I analyzed the things I don’t use in the house, which were enormous. My old smartphones and tablets were lying in my closet. You can sell all these on sites such as uSell or Gazelle. These items may not fetch a lot, but they will still do a great deal to your house.

And the means of payment are many, including using an Amazon gift card or PayPal.

  • Take advantage of  Businesses Enhanced by the Current Climate.

When the pandemic started, there were significant changes in how we dress and what to use to contain the virus, such as face masks and sanitizers. For instance,  distillers leaped big when they started selling sanitizers as a new business opportunity.

Masks business also boomed, and taking advantage of such became the order of the day, and even today, most people still like using masks – It is probably the new norm that could be permanent.

Other Businesses you could take advantage of during the pandemic included;

Cleaning Services-   With many offices re-opening after the Covid 19 restriction, janitorial services are on demand, and this could be a viable option to make tons of money.

Entertainment-  As much as gaming and dating sites were still available, when people got locked in their homes, this industry shot up, and many people still enjoy gaming at home even after the pandemic.

E-learning- E-learning was not taken seriously as it is today. When the pandemic hit and people could not attend school, e-learning became the order of the day. You, too, can propose a course and offer it online for great rewards.

Supply of Pharmaceutical Devices- The pandemic became an eye opener that one could sell medical devices, especially to the aged, to take care of their temperatures or blood levels while sitting at home.

Logistics- Since the pandemic messed up the supply chain, offering logistic services can help out in the distribution of goods and services with ease.

Virtual Healthcare- This is all about training about health virtually and charging some fees for the services offered.

  • Offer Day Care Services

Child care services are essential, and bearing in mind that people were at home for a prolonged period, chances are that their house managers also left for their homes.

You can offer daycare services by converting your house into a childcare home, where parents can drop their young ones on their way to work and pick them up later after work. However, you need to obtain proper licenses to be on the safe side in case of in eventualities.

The other way is to contract training services and visit homes,  coach the children in their homework and earn money.

  • Offer Consultation Services.

Are you lying at home doing nothing when you can offer consultation services such as accounting, medical, or law? This is your chance. Most offices could be looking for these services, and you could be the solution to their problems as you pocket some excellent money. The consultation service fee ranges from $12-$20 per hour.

  • Look for Part Time Jobs.

 Looking for a part-time gig will add something to your pockets. With the excitement of people going out to shop, chances are that places like grocery stores are looking for someone to support in restocking their shelves, making deliveries, fill up the order book on a part-time basis.

This is not only a flexible job but a secure way of earning.

  • Redeeming Your Reward Points.

Trust me; this is one of the simplest ways to earn money. If you have a credit card, ensure you sign up for reward points and earn them upon every purchase.

  • Carry Out Surveys.

Carrying out Online surveys is another great way to make money. Among the popular sites you can sign up with for online surveys are Survey, Vindale, or Swagbucks.

Though the money may not be so lucrative, it is still a more rewarding experience than watching television the entire day.

  • Run Errands on Behalf of Other People.

Why not explore your city as you run errands? For instance, becoming an Uber driver and delivering pizza to someone’s doorstep can be a fulfilling experience. You not only understand your town but interact with people of all races, cultures, and professions. Who knows- you stand to get a more permanent job during such interactions.

Other errands, such as picking up and dropping clothes at a dry cleaner or becoming a personal shopper, can also help make good money.

  • Adjust Your Monthly  Expenses.

In most cases, we find ourselves using so much electricity just because we spent two nights watching that favorite program or using a  whole 5-liter of the jug to boil water for a cup of coffee. This would accelerate the power bills, which could be reduced. Look for the loopholes where you are consuming more than necessary and adjust your budget.

  1. Invest.

Let’s speak the truth; there have been unpredictable moments, especially after the pandemic, where the economy has not yet stabilized, and inflation has become the order of the day.

But then investing is essential- you could choose to invest in  Bonds, mutual funds, CDS, and stocks and start gaining experience and have a stream of income. But with the economies picking up, avoid investing in long-term bonds and reduce the chances of losing your portfolio, especially when inflation hits again.


These are among the many ways you can make money after the pandemic. But then you need to have a spirit of perseverance and a positive attitude as you venture into such kind ways if you want to be successful and earn.

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