15 LinkedIn Marketing Hacks to Grow Your Business

If you are looking to build brand awareness and network with consumers, LinkedIn is a great platform. It is a professional social media channel that can help you create and nurture business relationships. 

Before getting into the marketing hacks, you need to first understand why LinkedIn marketing is important for your business. 

LinkedIn Marketing: What Is It?

LinkedIn is not just for growing careers and networks. It can also be used to grow businesses. If you use the platform well, you will find partners, employees and even customers. 

Why a LinkedIn Marketing Strategy Is Important

Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is not commonly used to market or push products. So your LinkedIn strategy should be different from that of other platforms. 

LinkedIn is an exceptionally effective marketing tool if used correctly. The social media platform generates 277% more leads than Facebook. 

Setting Up Your LinkedIn Page

Building a business page on LinkedIn is free. You only need an email and the name of your company. 

  • Go to the LinkedIn homepage and click on the Work icon (top right corner).
  • Click Create a Company Page then pick the appropriate option.
  • Fill in the Page Identity, Profile Details and Company sections.
  • Tick the verification box then click Create Page.
  • Click on Start Building Your Page and begin customizing.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Growing Your Business

Find highly targeted connections and customers: on LinkedIn, you have the ability to target the exact small group that would be interested in your products. You can sort by industry, location and even job role. 

Stay on potential customers’ radar: always keep your company name in front of your target audience by posting regularly.

A bigger email marketing list: invite your LinkedIn connections to sign up for your email marketing list. Let them know what they will be getting out of it.

Sponsored updates: pay to have your posts show up on potential customers’ newsfeeds. 

High-quality content: a good post should solve a reader’s problem and position you as an expert in the field.

Go viral: if your post starts getting a lot of engagement, LinkedIn will shine a spotlight on it, making it go viral.

Give your employees a face: let your employee create their own LinkedIn pages, complete with their photos.

Be active in groups: find relevant groups and interact with other members.

Create a LinkedIn group: create your own group and invite ideal prospects to join. 

Update your company page: your business’s LinkedIn profile should match with the business website. Update it regularly.

Your custom URL: make sure that your custom URL includes your name, in case people want to Google you.

Fill out the summary section: use engaging language, address the customers’ pain points and include your contact information.

It’s a numbers game: marketing on LinkedIn is less art and more science.

Avoid hard sales: don’t act like a 1980s sales rep. Apply wisdom and let people “discover” you.

Build relationships from connections: first, focus on getting connections then know how you can turn them into relationships. 

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