16 Best Budgeting Tools (and Apps) in 2022

The following are the best budgeting tools—all things considered.


Tiller tracks your spending in one place to let you know what you are using your money on. The single spreadsheet system shows all your accounts so you don’t have to log into each one. 

Cost: $4.92/month, 30-day free trial

Personal Capital

With a combination of both human advisors and robo-advisors, Personal Capital tracks your investments. Getting started is free but for human management, they charge 0.89% annually. 


If you want to invest and save with a partner, Twine will help you. The both of you will choose a monthly contribution amount for the goal. Instead of saving, you can also invest. Saving is free but investing is not.


This app is free and it manages your bill payments. It reminds you about approaching due dates. You then pay the bills directly through the app either immediately or at a scheduled date. 


Mint is an outstanding personal finance tool and it is free. It helps you build a suitable budget and helps you adhere to it. The app tracks your bills as well. 

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

The budgeting strategy offered by this tool is quite intense. Through it, you can track every dollar. It helps you build a solid budget that you will strongly commit to. 

Cost: $6.99/month or $83.99/year


This is an Al finance manager. It is like a financial personal assistant. In addition to helping you budget and spare some change, this app answers your questions too. 

Cost: free basic app and $5.99/month for Cleo Plus


This one is for tracking your expenses. It helps you save more by living below your means using a PSI (Personal Spending Index). You can use the app anonymously. 

Pocket Guard

This app is simple. It tracks your spending and tells you the amount of money left for the month. By analyzing your monthly expenses, you will understand your spending habits better.

The app is free.


Albert tracks your financial accounts and spending habits. It occasionally asks about your financial goals. It then gives you personalized advice about achieving your goals.  Albert also creates a budget for you. 


Wally shows you what you spend your money on. All the information is displayed in one place. It will also tell you the amount you have left. 

The app is free.


Envelope budgeting helps you keep your debts and spending under control. This app, Mvelopes, helps you commit to this strategy. 

Cost: from $4/month


If you link all your financial accounts to this app, you can view your financial information on a single platform. The app helps you create a suiting budget.

Good Budget

This is the ultimate budgeting tool if you want to add a significant other. It uses the envelope system.


This is basically a bank account that offers budgeting benefits. 

Money Dance

Other than connecting accounts and helping with your budget, the Money Dance app handles multiple currencies. 

Cost: $49.99

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