16 Practical Tips That Guarantee More Blog Subscribers

It is easy to forget about your subscribers as a blogger. If you want to reach a larger audience and become successful, you need to focus more on your subscribers. What is the use of having high-quality content if no one reads it? 

Always think about how to attract visitors and convert them into subscribers. 

Proven Tips to Increase Blog Subscribers

Optimize Your Top Articles for Subscription

Not every blog post will be a success. Some will get more views than others. When an article gets a lot of views, it shows you that readers find it useful and interesting. Use it to earn more subscribers.

First, optimize them for subscription. In all your popular blog posts, include an irresistible CTA (call-to-action). Encourage readers to subscribe for more high-quality articles. You can place the CTA at the end of the post or make it a slide-in or pop-up. 

A Subscribe Widget

This is a widely used approach by bloggers. At the end of every article, include a subscribe box. If readers like the post, they will be compelled to subscribe for more. It could be something like, “subscribe to receive exclusive tips in your inbox.” 

Separate Subscription Landing Page

The landing page should be appealing, with relevant information and a compelling CTA. Guide the visitors to receive the latest content or enroll in a course. 

Author Section By-Line

Place a by-line link in the section where you show the author’s name. Make it visible by placing it below the blog post headline. 

Sticky Widget

Make use of sidebar white space, especially in lengthy posts, by including a sticky widget. This captures the attention of the reader. The widget stays stuck in the sidebar even as people scroll. 

Header Hello-Bar

Hello-bars are captivating—no wonder they are becoming more popular. A hello-bar is a useful toolbar at the top of the website. It engages visitors as soon as they open your blog. Use it to amplify subscriptions. 

Exit Pop-Up Message

This pop-up message captures a visitor before they exit. It persuades the reader to stay longer and probably subscribe. Note that pop-ups can be irritating. So make it irresistible. 

Welcome Gate

The welcome gate is shown to first-time visitors. It is usually an interesting CTA, convincing them to subscribe. 

Extra Steps for More Subscribers

Leverage CTA: make your CTAs count. The reader should want to give you their email address. If you have a primary and secondary CTA, they should complement and not compete with one another.

Automated CTA: a smart CTA will show different messages depending on the visitor. 

Approaching potential subscribers properly: contact potential subscribers directly. Be confident and direct, but not disrespectful.

Mobile optimization: mobile devices are used way more than desktops. Give the users a seamless experience. 

A/B split testing: use and compare a few CTAs to see which one works best. 

Expand to social media: share your blog on social networks to get to more people.

Subscription visibility: make your subscription buttons visible.

Only ask for what you need: long forms are annoying and may turn away subscribers.

Cross-promotional agreements: talk to fellow top bloggers and make a cross-promotional agreement.

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