20 Low-Cost Business Ideas for 2023

Many times, aspiring entrepreneurs believe that starting a business is an expensive venture. But this is not the case. According to the Small Business Association, an average micro business with at least 10 employees can start with as low as $3000 start-up costs. 

In our review, we came up with several ideas about starting low-cost business ideas in 2023. Let’s find out which are these.

  1. Starting a Relationship Coaching Business

This is a type of counseling lesson business for those struggling with relationships or wanting to upgrade their relationship management skills. You need a psychology degree to perfect in this business, but most importantly, you need good listening skills.

Remember that people suffering from heartaches need therapy and compassion. You, therefore, need to be equipped with these skills to get business. And surprisingly, you can earn $120 per hour for any session.

  1. Ebay Business

If you want to participate in the eBay business, you must have sharp marketing skills and know your competitor’s prices and the products that give them a competitive advantage.

The only costs you will be required to pay are eBay costs, shipping fees, Insurance costs and the goods purchase cost. You’ll therefore need to sell your goods at a price that will yield back the cost and earn you good revenue.

  1. Social Media Marketing Business

Anyone who wishes to start a social media marketing business should be well-equipped with online platforms. They also need to know about internet marketing, such as monitoring digital sales, SEO, and campaign management practices.

You also need to be aware of the costs associated with social media business, such as software and hardware costs and the cost of internet installation.

This business can earn you as much as $120,000 per year, based on your effectiveness.

  1. Becoming a College Planner

If you are passionate about seeing others grow, you can be perfect in this field. The business involves gathering information from young adults and assisting them in knowing which college world they would best fit in. 

Other duties you will be entitled to are analyzing student records and knowing their progress, organizing college-visit itineraries for students and ensuring a smooth flow in their college admission.

Such a business earns salaries of up to $90,000 per year.

  1. Online Dating Consultancy

This business entails supporting dating clients to write their dating profiles professionally, adding relevant pictures, and crafting written responses.

This business, however, requires people who like interacting at a personal level with clients and sharing real-life experiences with them,

Its start-up costs are minimal- you only need a computer and an internet connection to perfect in the field and earn high profits.

  1. Art Consultant

A consultant in this business must closely interact with experienced artists to gather the most up-to-date information as they perfect their skills. But it is important to note that there are career people with high artistic skills, and you need to be above them. As such, you need to be a graduate of advanced art history with experience in this field.

You’ll also need strong connections in the artists’ network who are your prospective customers and will keep asking for consultancy services from you.

  1. Home Tutoring

Trained and experienced teachers are an ideal fit for this kind of business. It needs one to have passion for children and young adults still in school and need to learn after school hours. You must be exclusively good with kids to be perfect in this business.

And surprisingly, its costs are meager, yet the profit margins are high.

  1. Start an Acting Class

This business thrives well in the field where the starters are great actors and have a passion for laughter or changing the theme at any required time. You must also be on point and a credible performer and attention to detail more so if you are teaching students the art of acting.

You will also need space to train the acting lessons where you can sit, walk, and run as you seek to deliver the dramatic monologues as per the play.

There is a need to have extra staff to handle the administrative duties as your business grows.

  1. Operate a Nutritionist Business

In the current world, people need to remain physically fit, but they do not know how. By starting a nutritionist business, you will work towards seeing that the health goals of your clients are met by offering advice on the best foods to take, the intake levels and also the level of exercise to take.

First of all, you need to set up a website which will support advertising business and look forward to people contacting you for services.

This is a low-cost business requiring state licensing fees and the possibility to earn up to $43,000 per year.

  1. Becoming a Career Coach

When you become a career coach, you will work one-on-one with people to motivate, communicate and teach them how to build their careers,change or upgrade their education. You must be a lover of people who are keen listeners to perfect this business and establish the client’s full potential.

In terms of cost, you need a certificate from a qualified program and liability insurance. Advertising costs are inevitable, too, if you want to break even and earn a six-figure salary.

  1. Test preparation Business

Skilled teachers and retired teachers are perfect professional business people in this field. You only need to prepare tests or quizzes, which you will be seeing your services to students who need to be coached about their forthcoming exams and how to tackle their examination papers.

The significant costs are the advertising costs, and if you start on the right footing, you stand to enjoy the great reward since it’s a high-demand business with many students requiring support.

  1. Start a Music Lessons Business

The music business revolves around many areas ranging from becoming a band instructor to a symphony-quality violinist to vocals and many other areas.

The business entails taking students through individualized lessons and offering music practice lessons. You, however, need to be a skilled and experienced music teacher with a passion for meeting and training people from different demographics.

 You can teach these lessons from home, though if you are well-oriented to the music world, some music stores offer space for you to train your clients. This business can fetch up to $200,000 per year.

  1. Starting an Affiliate Marketing Business

If you are a person who loves fame, you can easily turn this into a business and make good profits per year. This is done by attracting an audience in anticipation of selling them some defined products and services. An example is selling smartphones by a reputable company that has just been launched.

  1. Data Entry Business

Data entry involves gathering and recording information in the computer’s database systems. To perfect this business, you require strong logic and organizational skills.

If you are the senior person, you will spend more time   managing client relationships as the staff below will fill in the new data collected on your behalf.

With consistency, you will make a five-figure salary per year while costs such as internet, computer maintenance and rental costs have been taken care of.

  1. Graphic Design Business

The graphic design business is a perfect fit for business people with articulate skills in business aesthetic and rewarding design choices.

One requires to integrate with other artists to find new and unique ways of representing the client’s permissions in an appealing way that will attract the target audience.

Though the business may be costly at the beginning, with time, it can earn high profits, more so for talented and experienced graphic designers.

  1. Start a Print Shop Business

This is a lucrative business where you can start and offer copy and print services to the general public. Other benefits include business printing, direct mail and online printing, but this also depends on your niche clients’ needs.

  1. Soap Making Business

This is a low-cost business that fits those people who love DIY activities. However, you need to have high-level marketing skills to make this a success. Selling your soap products and creating awareness might be challenging if not handled well.

For instance, you can market your soap-making business on social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and remember to inform your target clients about the shipping details to entice them that the item can reach them where they are.

  1. Offering Personal Shopper Services

Most Extroverts with attention to detail and an eye for marketing do exceptionally well in this business. Their duties include selecting goods from the stores and delivering them to their owners at the right time. To maintain your clients, offer efficient services and confirm that the clients are satisfied with the delivery at all times.

The costs incurred include vehicle gas and maintenance charges, and you stand to make a five-figure salary every year.

  1. Fashion Consulting Business

One must be a professional model to perfect this business. You will be required to offer fashion consultancy to clients looking for new fashion trends in the industry. This means you have to research every other time and remain up to date with the current fashion to offer that personalized touch to the client in question.

 There are not many overhead costs in this business apart from the standard car use and hosting a website to assist in advertising your business.

 In a good year, one can make up to $55,000.

  1. Starting a Nanny Service Business

A nanny service business requires passion and love for children- it is no exception. This job involves offering good babysitting services. If you want to expand your business, you could spend more time developing policies matching your business to the babysitting services you offer. Meanwhile, your employees will take care of the kids.

The costs involved in this business include office rent, rates charged by employees, company vehicles to transport kids home, and marketing costs.

If done right, this is a lucrative business you can never regret starting.


These are among the many businesses you can start with low costs and see yourself rise to heights quickly. And do not despise humble beginnings. The businesses, colleges, and consultancy businesses we see outside there were once small businesses that have graduated to who they are today.

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