20 Tips for Introverts to Make Money

Are you an Introvert? We know how much it feels; the love of being alone. Here are some jobs you would love to try and make good money.

Before we begin, it is good to understand the behavioral characteristics of introverts. First, they like spending time on their own, listening more and talking less, and having a specific group of friends whom they keep for a long, besides sharing their innermost secrets.

You may think their behavior could need medical intervention, but that is wrong. That is their nature, and they do wonders in their character. Here we go and find some of the jobs they make money.

  1. Transcription.

Transcription is the act of transferring verbal into texts., and is an ideal job for introverts. The fact that they listen more than talk is a strong character that accommodates this job. All you need to do is be a keen listener and a fast and accurate typist. Depending on your ability, one can make as much as $26,882 annually; again, targeting your niche would work better, for instance, working for a medical or legal company to transcribe their texts.

  • Chat Support.

Chat support, is an administrative job that involves responding to questions raised online by people reading information on websites. For instance, if you open a website, you can find an automatic chat asking; How are you? Or how can I help you? This is a natural person employed to do such tasks and earn money from the support.

  • Nutritionist/Dietician.

Nutritionists are often found in schools, hospitals, or other government organizations. They advise and counsel on the best nutritional practices for the sick or people who want to keep their bodies fit. This too can be a self-employed nature of a job that could pay per hour or as per contract basis.

It is, however, essential to have a license to work as a nutritionist by registering with the CommissionCommission in charge to give you the freedom to offer such services.

  • Becoming an Actuary.

An actuary job involves analyzing risk costs, more so in insurance industries which later help to develop policies that will include long-term engagement in risk management.

An introvert works best in this job since it involves thinking rather than talking.

  • Electrical Jobs.

In most cases, an electrician does the installation work alone or involves an extra person to make installations at home or in the offices. The beauty of this job is that it does not require high qualifications. A college-level g trainee is enough to complete the work and earn as much as $52,720 per annum.

It, however, requires one to be licensed as per the state orders. If you wish to join an organization that supports electricians engaging with corporations such as Independent Electrical Contractors or National Electrical Contractors Association can be an excellent deal to earn good money.

  •  Lab Technician.

The primary duties of a lab technician are to run patients’ samples in a quiet and reserved environment and give back the results after the analysis is complete. Introverts thrive excellently in these jobs since they demand thinking and a serene environment.

All you need is a college certificate plus a level of experience. It’s also imperative to check on your state’s license requirements to see the extent to which you can practice the same.

  • Technician -Medical Records.

These people work in hospitals to maintain, organize and store patients’ information on soft or hard copies. The job requires more attention to filing than discussing. Suppose you want to become a medical records technician. In that case, you need a bachelor’s degree in health information management, and  the Commission must accredit you on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management. With this, you will find employers looking for you to offer your expertise to them for good money.

  • Archives Manager.

An archives manager specializes in storing historical records, mostly in government organizations, for future use in educating a younger generation. If you are a lover of history or research, then this job fits you more than anything else, and you can make as much as $47, 340 annually.

But remember, you need to be an undergraduate with archives or library studies for an opportunity to get these kinds of jobs.

  • Becoming a Truck Driver.

Do you have a passion for driving? Then this could be your dream job today and more so if you are fun of driving alone. All you need is to have completed your high school education and possess a commercial driving license to make a cool $43,464 on average per year. Enrolling in a commercial driving school costs an average of $7,000, and it’s possible to complete the course within 12 weeks.

Jobs are available on several sites, including CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Monster.

  1. Clerk -Data Entry

This could be an online job where you can work from home and make vast sums of money. It is all about entering the required information in a database, installing software, opening new folders, and many more.

All you need is good typing skills, speed, and accuracy. And the good thing is that you can choose your schedule to work. Jobs of this nature can be found on sites like Freelancer, Upwork, Firedragon others, With an average salary of $31,153 per annum.

  1. Interpreter/Translator

This is where you can interpret different languages, for instance, Japanese to English. You need to equip yourself with a variety of languages to be able to perform this kind of job with precision. Most clients are acquired from schools, meeting rooms, conference centers, and legal offices.

 You need to be a graduate with a bachelor’s degree to perform this nature of a job.

  1. Graphic Designer.

The primary duties of a graphic designer are to offer highly creative and visual designs such as logos, websites, marketing materials, and such.

 As an introvert, you need to concentrate highly on providing such services and earn good money. You also need to constantly be in touch with the client to ensure you give suitable designs based on the instructions. You do not need to be a graduate to perform this nature of the job, but a high concentration level is vital.

  1. Proofreader/ Editor.

You do not need to be a social person to perform this contract work. It deals with reviewing the written material, checking for errors, and correcting them before publishing. You, however, need to learn the writing style guides such as the AP Style, The Chicago style, or the standards designed by the client, and make yourself a great kill.

Companies that offer this job include Upwork, Fiverr, People per hour, flex jobs, and many others.

  1. Accountant.

An accountant deals majorly with the financial transactions of a company. For instance, prepare the trial balances or balance sheets at the end of a specified financial period. The major areas that the accountant needs are public or business accounting models and evaluating the level of funds utilization.

They also give feedback on what the company can do to minimize costs or motivate staff within the finances available.

But in all these, you need to be good in math and have experience in an accounting software to perfect the job accordingly.

  1. Virtual Assistant Manager.

A virtual assistant works online most time to schedule the boss’s calendar, set up social media accounts, communicate on upcoming events or carry out social media marketing. This is a job where you can ideally use a smartphone or a laptop seated at home during your free time, or it can also be a full-time job.

You expect to get social media following and build the employer’s business massively as you earn money for yourself.

  1. Ecommerce Seller/ Retailer.

Do you know that you can become an agent for companies such as Amazon to sell products online? Or even sell your old clothes by advertising them on your social media pages. Becoming an online retailer involves such duties.

You can also sign up with online platforms to help manage out-processes, such as Snob Swap, Poshmark, and The RealReal. Listing your products on eBay can also suffice in the online retail consider a job.

You only require a smartphone or a laptop to jumpstart this kind of job for a lucrative catch.

  1. Coder.

This is a computer language that involves writing the computer language into goods for sale, such that when the code is fed on a machine, it gives all the details, including the cost of an item, mostly in retail stores. You need to be a graduate of computer programming to involve yourself in this job.

  1. Becoming a Video Editor.

This is a listening job that requires one to use tools such as headphones to review videos, primarily for advertising companies. Introverts work excellently in these fields so long as they possess standard editing software. It is also essential to keep training for updated programs and newer versions per industry trends.

  1. Music Teacher.

Introverts love listening to music and learn great traits from this. If you are fun, have enrolled, and trained for music lessons, you too can become a music teacher and make good money from the same. You can choose to be employed or looking for students to train in your house and still make good money.

However, if you want to go to a public school, you need to hold a bachelor’s degree and get a chance to offer lessons in such organizations.

  • Technical Writing.

Introverts are deep thinkers and can write quality technology information from this trait. You need to possess strong writing and research skills, and you are good to go. You can also enroll with companies such as Udemy or Coursera to obtain a writing certificate to show your skills to big companies.


Introverts thrive well in quiet environments, and working within any of these fields can be a fulfilling time for them. Try these niche jobs if you are interested in more contract work.

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