32 Legitimate Ways to Make Money at Home

Watch Videos Online and Get Paid

Did you know that InboxDollar pays people to watch the latest news, celebrity videos, movie previews and other videos? Additionally, when you sign up you will get a $5 bonus.

Hidden Money in Your Inbox

You can do this with Paribus. It checks for receipts in your email and you get a refund if you were overcharged for any item.

Get Paid for Your Opinion

Sign up for online survey platforms such as VIP Voice, Survey Junkie, MyPoints and Swagbucks.

Perform Random Google Searches and Earn $12/Hour

Apply for the job at companies such as Lionbridge.

Play Scratch-Off Tickets

Scratch for free on the Luckstatic app.

Invest in Real Estate

Fundrise can help you start with just $500.

Become a Part-time Bookkeeper

You only need passion and computer skills. Median will pay you $9/hour for this.

Earn Cash Back

Download Ibotta for free and enjoy the benefits.

Invest in the Cannabis Industry

You will not need a lot of money if you use Stash.

Invest with $10 Only

Download a free micro investing app called Worthy. 

Join a Mock Jury

Become an online juror through eJury.

Sell Vintage Finds and Crafts

Join eBay and Etsy.

Start a Blog

Create a blog and monetize it.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Help someone organize their life from your home.

Sell Old Books

Make money off old textbooks via Amazon Trade-in, eBay or Craigslist.

Become a User Tester

People are willing to pay to test their apps and websites.

Sell Your Photos

Take photos with your phone and sell them on Foap.

Get into Freelancing

Try web development, accounting or writing.

Rent out Your Ping-Pong Table

Use websites such as Zilok.

Monetize Your Doodles

Market your art on social media. Start small and move from there.

Cash Out on YouTube Videos

Upload videos on YouTube and monetize using Google AdSense.

Rent Out Your Clothes

If you have a trendy wardrobe, rent out some of your clothes on sites like Style Lend.

Write Love Letters

People still send greeting cards in this age. Get paid for your photos, art or words.

Do Voice-Overs

Sign up on Voices.com and start making money.

Do Calligraphy

Addressing one envelope may not bring in much, but you can book a wedding and send out handwritten invites.

Design PowerPoint Presentations

Design infographics and custom presentations for speakers and businesses.

Write an eBook

Turn your story or idea into a book, self-publish and sell on Amazon.

Sell Your Trash

You can sell almost everything in your trash bag including old newspapers and wine bottles.

Tutor Kids

Teach English to kids from other countries from your couch. Join VIP KIDS and QKids.

Become a Data-Entry Clerk

Look for gigs on Clickworker and Smart Crowd.

Apply for a New Credit Card

Sign-up bonuses are worth taking advantage of. Just make sure you pay the card balance in full every month and you have an excellent credit score.

Create an Online Course

Sign-up on Udemy for this.

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