33 Simple Ways to Save Money

Think about what would happen if you spent less money, saved more or even both.  

Well, check out these hidden tricks that will guarantee more money in your account. 

Spending Less to Save Money

  • Track your spending: this will help you see where your money is going. Notice the little purchases that never seem like much.
  • Value-based purchases: assess your purchases and determine what is worth and what is not. 
  • Have a list of financial goals: have long, medium and short-term financial goals. 
  • Live with a budget: create a written budget to dictate your spending. 

Save Money on Housing

  • Spend less than what your mortgage rep advises: this wiggle room will come in handy later.
  • Plan large expenses in advance: save money for big expenses like designated repairs. 
  • Mind your water usage: Adopt habits to use less water.
  • Save money on air conditioning and heating: energy bills for homeowners can be crazy. 
  • Spend less on repairs: other than saving for repairs, do some of the repair jobs yourself.
  • Rent out spare rooms: either get roommates or rent using Airbnb. 
  • Move to a cheaper apartment: find a cheaper place if you think you are paying too much rent.
  • Become an apartment manager: with some complexes, you can live for free if you carry out management duties.
  • Trade work for rent reduction: for homes, you can perform tasks and have the landlord reduce the rent.

Save Money on Transportation

  • The new car lure: either pay cash for your car or buy a used one. 
  • Save money going to work: take the bus or try carpooling. Alternatively, use a bike or walk. 
  • A walkable community: this is a community where you can walk to necessary places like the doctor’s or grocery store. 

Save Money on Groceries

  • A menu plan: make a weekly menu plan to avoid the temptation of eating out. 
  • A list of cheap meals: when creating the menu, have a target amount. 
  • Grow your food: if you have a yard, grow a garden. Vegetable seeds are inexpensive with high returns.
  • Buy local: save money by buying from the local farmers and markets. 
  • Buy in bulk: you can save money with warehouse clubs—but not always. Test to see if it works out.
  • Mind food waste: prepare small meals and make use of leftovers. 

Save Money on Entertainment

  • Movie nights at home: watching a movie at home is cheaper than going to the theater.
  • Free entertainment: go for a walk, bike ride and other free fun activities.

Save Money on Health

  • Prevention is always better: get annual checkups and avoid unhealthy habits.
  • A Health Savings Account: HSAs can be used for medical products and procedures.
  • Free workouts: create your own workout plan. 

Saving Money for Parents

  • Extracurricular activities: don’t let your kids enroll in every activity—just the ones they like (one or two).
  • Clothing expenses: buy clothes at thrift stores and the end of seasons.
  • Plan in advance for college: make use of college savings plans. 
  • Create a challenge-everything budget: this eliminates unnecessary expenses. 

Save More by Increasing Your Income

  • Get a side hustle
  • Look for passive income streams

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