35 Tips to Get Instagram Followers

For Instagram to be effective, you will need a solid base—and that means more followers. 

There was a time when you could just use bots or buy followers. But that’s a thing of the past. Here is how you can increase your follower count for free.

  • A good Instagram strategy. You have to create a plan first. Figure out what you want to achieve. Why are more followers important to you? The goal will help you maintain consistency. 
  • Define your ideal audience. Know who you want to reach—their age, location, etc.
  • Come up with a solid brand aesthetic and story. Your posts should all fit in together.
  • Utilize keywords. Include a relevant keyword in your username. 
  • Use hashtags to be discovered. These come up when people search for stuff on Instagram. 
  • Take time with your profile and bio. The profile should convince non-followers to follow.
  • Post high-quality content. Make your content captivating and engaging.
  • Craft amazing captions. 
  • Pin the best comments. If a user posts a comment with lots of engagement, pin it.
  • Promote the Instagram account. Share it with your Facebook or Twitter audience.
  • Embed posts in your website. Embedded posts are clickable and will lead readers to your Instagram account.
  • Posts content that can be re-shared, such as a great infographic.
  • Share your account in online newsletters, email signatures, etc.
  • Include your Instagram name tag in offline materials such as product packaging.
  • Aim to get your content shared by feature accounts.
  • Aspire to get your content on the Explore tab.
  • Add a location tag to your posts.
  • Tag relevant Instagram users in your posts and stories.
  • Encourage other users to tag you. Their audience will see your handle. 
  • Find relevant accounts to follow. The people you follow may check out your profile and follow back.
  • Get involved in existing communities. Share, comment and like other users’ posts.
  • Consider influencer marketing. Influencers are trusted and they will boost your brand.
  • Collaborate. Try working with other brands.
  • Utilize Instagram Stories. They are highly popular.
  • Make use of interactivity features like polls, chat stickers, etc.
  • Include great content and info in your Stories highlights.
  • Make an Instagram Live collaboration by “going live with a friend”.
  • Do an IGTV series. Use these to explore topics in detail.
  • Make an AR filter. When people use it, your username will show up at the top.
  • Be consistent. People followed you for your content.
  • Know when to post. Try different times and see what works best with your audience.
  • Schedule your stories and posts. This helps with consistency. And you don’t have to be online when it is time to post.
  • Run contests. The entry process could involve people following you and commenting on a post.
  • Try advertising. This may not be free but it is powerful if you want to reach new people. 
  • Learn from Insights. Make use of the Instagram analytics tools. Learn more about your audience and review your numbers. 

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