4 Women’s Clothing Brands to Sell for Profit on eBay

Clothes sell a lot on eBay. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Easy to find: there is a wide range of pre-owned clothing from different sources.
  • Easy to buy: the clothes are expensive and, in some cases, free.
  • Easy to resell: there are so many people who need clothes.
  • Easy to store: you will not need much room.
  • Easy to ship: packaging is not labor-intensive, and clothes are not breakable.
  • Easy profit: there are brands that sell for more than $100 (used).
  • Consumable: clothing must be replaced every now and then. 
  • Customers buy multiples in most cases.
  • Wide range of items to sell.

What brands should you focus on as a seller?

Study a lot. You never stop learning on eBay. New trends are always coming up and some brands become more popular. 

How to know what’s hot:

  • Open an Instagram account and follow fashion leaders.
  • Read fashion magazines to see what is advertised.
  • Check the completed listings on eBay.
  • Use Terapeak to identify popular categories and hot products. 

As an eBay seller, you can always count on change. The best way to arm yourself is to be knowledgeable. The more knowledge you have, the more you will sell. Focus on how much your item can sell for, as opposed to whether it will sell. Any product will sell if it is priced at 99 cents.

However, that will not make sense if you bought the item for $9. Before you buy to resell, look at the possible profit. Lucky for you, there are eBay calculators that can help you determine your profit. The profit you will make depends on how much you paid and what you will sell for.

Anthropologie is a store with trendy, stylish and comfortable clothing. It is found in malls. It is expensive and although millennials love it, they can barely afford it. If you want to make money with this brand, know the labels of the sub-brands. Anthro items do not have “Anthropologie” on the label. Use the eBay mobile app to know if an item is an Anthro item. Alternatively, look for the RN#.

A few sub-brands include:

  • Tracy Reese
  • Elevenses
  • Girls from Savoy
  • Sparrow
  • Free People
  • Olivia Grace
  • Field and Flower
  • Tabitha
  • Isabella Bird

St. John

This is another popular brand. Some of its items have Marie Gray on the label. You can sell this brand for over $1,500. Best selling items include:

  • Tops
  • Swimwear
  • Sweaters
  • Suits
  • Skirts 
  • Pants
  • Outerwear
  • Dresses
  • Cardigans
  • Blazers/Jackets

Eileen Fisher clothes are gorgeous and easy to wear. When selling this brand, focus on clothes that are comfortable. They should be versatile too. The retail price for this brand can be high, especially linen jackets. Ralph Laurel clothes come in different levels of price and quality.

The cheapest is the Green Label and the most expensive is Black Label (for women). This brand is very expensive and valuable on eBay. The items may be hard to find but they are worth the trouble.

Many eBay sellers start by selling some of the things they do not use around their home—and not without a good reason. These items are usually in perfect condition and they are more likely to bring in more money if you sell them on eBay compared to a garage sale.

Almost everyone has items around the house that they do not need—all they do is eat up space and gather dust. Selling them on eBay is a great way to test the waters. If you do not have items lying around your home to sell, start with something that you know well. Look for items that have demand; something that people are buying. Avoid selling only what you like or the coolest, trendiest things you can find. You need to sell what the buyers want so you can make a profit.

For any item you consider selling, do an eBay search to see how many people are selling the same and whether it is on sale. If there are too many sellers, maybe reconsider. If there is no seller offering what you want to sell, do a little research and see if it is because nobody wants to buy it, or it is just because no other seller has thought of selling it. When too many sellers are offering a product, check the biddings to find out how strong the market is.

Issues to Consider

Cost: cost does not just mean the price of the item. Factor in additional expenses like how much it will cost to ship the item to you.

Storage: is there room around your home to store the item safely as you wait for a buyer? Shipping: after a customer buys your item, how will you ship it to the buyer? Factor in the cost and labor issues. Extremely heavy, usually shaped or fragile items can be challenging to ship.

Product life cycle: for how long will your item be in demand? Some items may be in high demand today but become very hard to sell the next day. Season: before you start selling an item, consider what time of the year it is. You cannot sell sweaters and heavy coats during summer, for instance.

Where to Find What to Sell

Your home: search thoroughly around your home for things you no longer use. Check the garage, attic and closet. Flea markets: these can be an awesome source of items that will sell very well on eBay. Yard and garage sales: spend some time every week buying merchandise from garage sales. You will find many items that will sell on eBay for way more than you paid for them.

Estate sales: you may not have much luck if a professional is handling the sale. However, you can purchase entire estates then pick and choose what to sell on eBay. Established retailers: find a store that needs to move products that are not selling.

Discount stores: this will be very profitable especially if you buy out of season and wait until the items are in demand. Friends and family: ask the people you know if they have things that they would like to give away. When you become a seasoned eBay seller, you can start buying your merchandise from wholesalers.

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