5 Ways to Make Money With Low Content Books

Ever since reviewing Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill I’ve been obsessed with discovering how to produce a financially rewarding passive earnings stream. I’ve tried several various means of generating easy revenue for many years and also I can state, undoubtedly, that releasing low-content publications on Amazon is one of the most convenient (as well as quickest) ways to start making money. In this short article, you’ll discover:

what low-content publications are
exactly how to earn money releasing low-content publications
exactly how to create low-content publications in 4 easy steps
how to determine if this organization version is right for you


As the name suggests, low-content books contain little to no text or photos and also are typically repeated in nature. A few examples of books that fall into this group are:


As I discussed previously, I’ve tried several methods of producing an easy revenue stream as well as have discovered that publishing low-content books is a simple as well as fast means to do this.

journals and also diaries
puzzle publications
daily coordinators
bullet journals
manuscript paper
tinting books

Consider a lined journal. Aside from the front and also back cover, the entire publication is simply web page after web page of horizontal lines. As you can think of, a publication such as this can be generated very swiftly as well as very inexpensively without any official style training required.

That’s since they:

To confirm your concept and also ensure that you create a book that customers will really take their pocketbooks out and pay for, you’ll need to address 4 details concerns:.

Right here’s a high-level review of the framework I utilized to create multiple bestselling low-content publications that routinely generated mixed royalties of $10,000 to $20,000 USD every month, causing my revenue increasing to 6 numbers in just 14 months. (For an in-depth take a look at the actual trajectory of my initial 2 years of low-content posting nobility earnings, check out my 2017 and also 2018 Low-Content Publishing Royalty Reports.).

Need no paid marketing, marketing initiatives, or major upkeep once they are live. When you’ve created and also published your publication you have a royalty-generating possession that will remain to pay you a regular monthly revenue for as long as your book continues to be for sale and popular.

If the idea of creating your own manuscript and cover documents makes your hands sweat, do not worry. You can still produce a cover that offers by outsourcing it to somebody on a system like Fiverr. Once more, also though I’m a designer myself, I commonly made use of consultants on Fiverr to create my covers when I was publishing nonfiction as well as fiction books because it saved me time.

One of the most essential point to keep in mind in this stage is that your best goal is to produce a book that individuals are currently looking for so that you can nearly ensure that your publication will certainly create sales prior to you invest whenever producing it. Lots of self-publishers make the mistake of developing a book that they want to produce rather than developing a book that people wish to acquire which, undoubtedly, results in ZERO sales.

There are no bad ideas in this stage of the process, so you intend to be believing as broadly as you can while taking ideas from as many resources as feasible. I tend to search the web a great deal in this onset as well as usually head straight to Amazon’s Books department to see if I can spot repeating themes, concepts, or current fads that I may be able to make use of.

If you need even more help generating ideas, take a look at my write-up, 6 Ways To Come Up With Low-Content Book Ideas.

Suggestion Generation.
Concept Validation.
Develop Your Low-Content Book.
Release Your Low-Content Book on the Amazon KDP Platform.
Allow’s dive in.

Do comparable publications already exist? Recognizing this will tell you whether there is an existing market or if you’ve found a possibly untapped specific niche.

Take very little time to produce. You can go from idea generation to sales within just a few days.
Call for no unique technical expertise, composing, or layout knowledge to develop. There’s no writing entailed, and also you can either produce them on your own in an easy program like Microsoft Word or outsource the work to another person with little expenditure.

This framework is composed of simply 4 very easy actions:.

Don’t require you to lug any type of supply. Just like any kind of book published on Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) system, your low-content books will certainly be printed on demand and also delivered straight to the consumer, suggesting you won’t have to save stacks of books in the corner of your living area or handle shipping inconveniences.

There are a lot of areas to obtain premium, copyright-free artwork and photographic photos that you can download and install free of charge. Although I’m a designer, I make use of these resources myself since it saves me hrs of work as well as permits me to produce attractive covers in mins.

For this step you’ll require to generate 2 different data:

You’ve done all the effort in advance and also currently you’re all set to post your book to Amazon, struck that release button, and experience the thrill of making your very first sale.

On the other hand, if you screw up in the Idea Validation phase and your publication does not sell a solitary copy, we’ve just lost $10. A very low-risk investment.

Keep your reasoning cap on up until you’ve obtained a good checklist of at least 10 to 20 ideas to explore even more. You’ll be discarding most of them in the next stage, so the a lot more you generate now, the extra you’ll have entrusted to work with when it’s time to develop your initial publication.


The Idea Validation stage is the most important action in the procedure; it’s everything about taking that great list of ideas you came up with in the initial stage and dividing the wheat from the chaff. It’s the difference in between producing a publication that you could not distribute to a curator and a book that hundreds– if not thousands– will certainly rush to purchase and after that head right over to leave a 5-star review for on Amazon.

How hefty is the competition? You require to know that your publication will stand a possibility versus the competition that’s already around.


This is where the imagination begins! Referring back to the sorts of low-content publications I discussed above, select one kind to start. After that grab a pencil as well as a notepad and begin writing down your ideas.

Outsourcing is rapid and inexpensive; turnaround time for a book cover is typically just a few days as well as you can obtain one created around $10 USD– a small financial investment considering the potential to make hundreds, otherwise thousands, of dollars per month in reoccuring profits.

Thinking you’ve done your due diligence in developing your publication, you’ll have a great little property that brings in some dough on a persisting monthly basis, and using Amazon’s print-on-demand service suggests you’ll never have to handle supply. You will essentially simply upload your two documents, fill in your book information, hit the release switch, as well as Amazon takes care of the remainder. That’s it– your book is now offer for sale on Amazon!

There are additionally paid sources such as Creative Fabrica, which is another source I utilize, that have numerous images you can use for your designs.


Since you’ve obtained a strong shortlist of sensible ideas, you can get to the enjoyable component– developing an asset that will produce royalties on a recurring basis! Don’t feel daunted by this step. Remember, you’re not writing a novel below; you’re producing an easy publication filled with fundamental, repetitive web content.

a manuscript– the interior pages of your publication.
a book cover– the front, back, and spine of your publication, produced as a single-page record.
Some expertise of design is absolutely an asset, I desire to strengthen that you don’t require to be an acclaimed graphic designer to make your own manuscript and also cover documents.

There are additionally some paid and cost-free devices that can assist you confirm your suggestions. Once you’ve carried out the Idea Validation process for all of your suggestions, you’ll understand which ones to bring with you to the Book Creation stage and also which ones to throw into the circular file.

Is anybody really buying those comparable books? If comparable books are making sales, then you know that there is a market for your idea and also that individuals will certainly want to pay you for what you produce. If not, then there possibly isn’t.


Call for little to no ahead of time financial investment. You can develop the book yourself free of cost or pay somebody else to produce guide for as little as $10-$ 15.

Are clients currently actively searching for the book you’re believing about creating? Remember, you intend to develop a publication that people are already looking for prior to you invest whenever developing it to ensure that you do not develop a dud that no one wants.

To create your very own account on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Platform, visit their KDP source web page. It’s 100% free!


Like any kind of organization version available, low-content publishing isn’t for everyone. While you can go from suggestion generation to making sales within your first week, it does take a while for the momentum to construct as well as, like any type of various other company, needs perseverance, dedication, and also dedication to gain the massive benefits.

Again, even though I’m a developer myself, I often used consultants on Fiverr to produce my covers when I was publishing nonfiction and also fiction publications due to the fact that it conserved me time.

I’ve attempted numerous various methods of producing passive revenue over the years and I can state, without a doubt, that releasing low-content publications on Amazon is one of the simplest (as well as quickest) methods to start making money. If similar books are making sales, then you understand that there is a market for your suggestion as well as that individuals will be ready to pay you for what you develop. Bear in mind, you’re not writing a novel right here; you’re producing a basic publication full of standard, recurring content.

you want to depend on it indefinitely as your main source of income.
you’re wanting to “obtain rich fast”.
you’re not going to devote at the very least 3-5 hours per week to developing your low-content posting company.

With all of this in mind, you’ll know that low-content publishing is for you if:

Low-content publishing might not be for you if:

Additionally, because you will certainly be releasing your publications on Amazon, this income stream will be connected to an ever-changing system that needs you to play by their policies, meaning you won’t have complete control of this part of your business. I recommend using this organization version to create a low-maintenance side-business that can bring in hundreds, thousands, or 10s of thousands of bucks of side earnings, or utilizing it as a tipping stone on the course to building a business that is totally your very own as well as 100% in your control, which is what I’ve done.

Assuming you’ve done your due diligence in developing your book, you’ll have a nice little asset that brings in some dough on a recurring month-to-month basis, as well as utilizing Amazon’s print-on-demand service suggests you’ll never have to deal with inventory.

you intend to develop a financially rewarding, low-maintenance passive earnings stream that needs little to no ahead of time financial investment or ongoing expenditures.

you would certainly such as to create a side revenue to reach a financial goal, such as repaying financial debt or conserving for a deposit, holiday fund, new vehicle, university tuition, etc. you would certainly such as to produce an economic pillow that enables you to leave your work and pursue your desire organization.

you have the commitment, dedication, and also patience needed to build your low-content posting organization with time.

Web content development is the procedure of generating suggestions, preparation, investigating, as well as producing beneficial content for your target market. Web content can take the form of:

The following possible revenue stream, which I think is the 2nd one that I participated as a material maker, is affiliate marketing.

Material production is likewise perfect for those who intend to produce easy income. There is a whole lot of job entailed (specifically at first), yet since you’re no much longer trading bucks for hours you’ll eventually be able to step away from operations when you need to and also the systems you have actually configuration will certainly continue to run in the history.

Associate marketing is advertising relevant, valuable service or products to your audience and also obtaining a share of the revenue generated from each sale. That revenue share is typically in the area of 50%.

While anybody can create content for enjoyable (as a pastime), “content production” has to do with generating deliberate, purpose-driven material customized to your target market with the particular objective of leveraging that target market to make revenue.

The main point to maintain in mind right here is that the items or services you pick to promote to your audience should be ones you have used yourself as well as locate valuable, which you genuinely believe your audience will discover important too.


You don’t require to be a great speaker, developer, or writer to be a successful web content designer. The main requirements to succeed in content production are a love for the creative procedure and also a desire to turn this process into a profitable service.

Depend on between you and your audience is important. If you advertise bad items that you’re not accustomed to and also would not use yourself, you’re most likely to damage that depend on. As soon as you shed that count on you probably won’t ever get it back.

The notion of “fending off” individuals could feel awkward at first, as most of us have a natural instinct to desire to please everyone. In truth, the lower line is that if we attempt to speak to every person, we wind up speaking to no person.

Another way to earn income with material creation is via sponsorships and brand bargains.

Directly, I never ever actually loved talking on video camera (go number!), yet I love playing with brand-new ideas, investigating, writing, and creating brand-new points.

Unlike the YouTube Partner Program, there are no constraints on when you can begin. If you have also one person on your email list you can begin making associate income.

social media sites articles
or other styles

The objective of any successful web content designer is to build a very particular audience (aka your excellent target market) which is made from your optimal consumers. You wish to develop web content that will certainly attract your ideal audience while at the same time warding off those who don’t fit within your perfect audience profile.

With sponsorships and brand deals, business pay you money upfront to advertise among their items on your:

Once you begin developing a target market, you’re going to start obtaining emails from all kinds of brands supplying you free products and/or money to advertise their products. As I previously discussed, as soon as you shed trust with your target market the opportunities of ever obtaining it back are slim to none.

YouTube channel
social media sites account

Profits from these bargains can vary from $200 to twenty thousand bucks a month based on your web site traffic, downloads, sights, or variety of fans (depending upon where you’re sharing your web content).


A few other earnings streams that are open to material developers are:

As you can see, the secret to making $20k (or even more) a month as a material maker is to create multiple earnings streams. Just producing web content on its own isn’t going to get you really much.

Trust between you as well as your audience is essential. If you promote bad products that you’re not acquainted with and also wouldn’t use on your own, you’re going to damage that count on. When you start developing a target market, you’re going to begin getting emails from all kinds of brand names using you totally free items and/or cash money to advertise their items. Simply as with affiliate advertising, you must only advertise products and solutions that you recognize and also count on.

As I formerly stated, as soon as you lose count on with your target market the chances of ever before getting it back are slim to none.

private mentoring
Patreon/ paid subscription
live talking
PayPal donate link

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