51 Surprising Hobbies That Can Actually Make You Money Online

If you have a good internet connection, here are simple things you can do for money.

  • Start freelancing: gig economy sites such as Upwork are good places to find jobs.
  • Write: start with research papers and articles.
  • Design T-shirts and websites: check out 99 Designs and CafePress.
  • Start a blog: run ads on the blog or use it to get writing clients.
  • Affiliate marketing: recommend products through an affiliate link on your blog.
  • Sell products: your site can act as an online store too.
  • Sell on eBay/Amazon: you can sell pretty much anything.
  • Create a course: teach others what you know through an online course.
  • Paid surveys: express your opinion on survey sites and get paid.
  • Browse the internet: sites like Swagbucks pay you to do simple things on the internet.
  • YouTube channel: instead of a blog, you could make videos.
  • Sell Accounts/Video Games: sell old video games and your video game accounts.
  • Invest: set aside a little money and invest in stocks.
  • Sell your used books: Bookscouter is a great site for this.

Make Money Locally

Your local community could use the following services.

  • Handmade products: sell your work on Craigslist or at local fairs.
  • Become a handyman: sign up on TaskRabbit and do repairs in your neighborhood.
  • Shovel driveways or mow lawns: help neighbors and make money.
  • Fitness rewards program: Achievement gives you fitness rewards.
  • Sell fresh produce: put your garden into good use.
  • Recycle wood pallets: you will make money and protect the environment.
  • Recycle bottles and cans: collect glass bottles and soda cans then sell them.
  • Flip garage sale stuff: resell what you find at your local garage sale.
  • Tutor: help students in your neighborhood.
  • Music lessons: pass on your music skills to someone else.
  • Street musician: people love music and they will pay.
  • Referee youth sports: you could earn a good amount.
  • Fitness class: find a fitness class to teach in your local community.
  • Babysit: sign up on Care.com to get gigs.
  • Care for pets: walk dogs or watch other people’s pets.
  • Clean houses: if you love cleaning, this is a perfect side hustle.
  • Clean commercial businesses: this can be professional buildings such as medical offices.
  • Decorate homes: everyone wants a beautiful home.
  • Drive others around: sign up on Lyft.
  • Deliver phone books: you will keep fit and make money.
  • Nutrition/cooking classes: teach people to eat healthily.
  • Become a photographer: try wedding photography or family portraits.
  • Play/sing at weddings: use your talent to entertain for money.

Shop for Money

  • Mystery shopper: you will be paid for your feedback.
  • Shop for people who can’t or have time.
  • Shop with Rakuten: you will get cashback.

Unusual Hobbies

  • Sell plasma: each visit can make you $50.
  • Sell firewood.
  • Sell local honey.
  • Be a guinea pig for medical research.
  • Run ads on your car.
  • Sell domain names.
  • Take part in a mock trial.
  • Rent out your car.
  • Rent a room/house on Airbnb.
  • Sell real estate.
  • Bake your best recipes and sell them to friends.

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