50 Ways To Make Money As A Kid
50 Ways To Make Money As A Kid

53 Easy Ways to Make Money as a Kid

Technology has made it easier for everyone—including kids—to earn a little extra cash. If your child has an entrepreneurial spirit, here are some ways through which they can make money.

  • Plan a garage sale: you can do this in-person or online through sites like Declutrr.
  • Sell your work: if you make crafts, sell them on Etsy.
  • A T-shirt business: sell them locally on online Cafepress, Etsy, etc.
  • Pet care services: you could pet-sit, wash or walk pets.
  • Take surveys: Swagbucks allows children under 18 (but 13 and older) to take surveys.
  • Babysitting: find gigs in the neighborhood or on sites like Care.com.
  • Odd jobs: older kids can find jobs on sites such as Fiverr.
  • A design business: design logos or other small graphics.
  • Instagram account: you could make money through influencing.
  • Jewelry business: make and sell unique jewelry.
  • A lemonade stand: this one is timeless. 
  • Wash cars: it is also a good way to be physically active.
  • Win a pageant: you don’t need makeup. You could dance, mime, sing, etc.
  • Clean boats: this is for those who live near a waterbody.
  • Water plants: see if your elderly neighbors need help.
  • Change car oil: you can make this a door-to-door service.
  • Repair cracked windshields: another great door-to-door service.
  • Bake sale: sell the goods at a craft show or business fair.
  • Put up decorations: busy people would appreciate this service.
  • Clean tile grout: you can make a good amount.
  • Clean gutters: get a portable sprayer and you’re good to go.
  • Aerate lawns: rent/buy an aerator and start earning.
  • Clean furniture: target mostly pet-owners.
  • Wash windows: work for local stores or high-end homes.
  • Organize closets: help people stay neat and get paid.
  • Paint home exteriors: do this during summer/spring break.
  • Paint home interiors: this is another good summer break job.
  • Paint window frames: for kids with a careful hand.
  • Paint garages: earn some money during your spare time.
  • Paint fences: this is tedious and people will gladly outsource.
  • Nail painting/manicures: take the services to your customers’ homes.
  • Groom dogs: pet owners may not have time.
  • Change air filters: not everyone can reach high ceilings. 
  • Install fences: if you are handy, this is perfect.
  • Clean campers and motorhomes: get paid for your cleaning skills.
  • Shine shoes: earn money by making people look sharp.
  • Dispose of Christmas trees: people hate doing this. They’ll pay you to do it.
  • Run errands: target the elderly and new moms.
  • Weed gardens: this is another tedious task that people don’t like to do.
  • Build sandboxes: target families with kids.
  • Repair sprinklers: help people maintain their sprinklers.
  • Sell lizards: catch young lizards then sell them as pets.
  • Sell firewood: while exploring outside, collect and split firewood for sale.
  • Start a fundraiser: if you need money for charity, why not start a fundraiser?
  • Lay sod: exercise and make money at the same time.
  • Mow lawns: another timeless job for kids.
  • Sell eggs: you will need chickens for this.
  • Sell flowers: arrange and sell flowers for events/holidays.
  • Sell glow sticks: buy them on sale then sell at a profit.
  • Tutor others: share your knowledge for cash.
  • A YouTube channel: this is fun and profitable
  • Sell your photos: try sites such as Shutterstock and iStock.
  • A paper route: deliver papers before school.

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