8 Tips for Facebook Marketing and Business Success

Running a Facebook business page is one of the most feasible options you can use, but a challenge to many. You need to understand the platform first to guarantee success. If you are not sure where to start, here are the ten top things you need to know beforehand.

First, you need to know why you are on Facebook in the first place, what you need to get from it and whom you are targeting. Besides, you also need to understand how to achieve what you are looking for in your pursuit.

Cross promotion involves linking your page to other social networks, business cards and anywhere else where you can get as many eyes online to find your business. Share your personal profile with as many people as possible and get the word out. Make sure to invest in your page if you want to get a positive result from it.

Whether it is going for sponsored stories, Facebook ads, offers, promoted posts, anything that you can invest into for a positive outcome, go for it. Ensure you offer value to your visitors, along with your objective. It is advisable keeping the content valuable and worthwhile. Then promotional marketers and sponsors can see the quality you provide. One thing is that only about 16% of your fans can see your post.

To change this, you can use Facebook EdgeRank to determine what post appears on your newsfeed. If you want to take the efficiency of your posts to a completely new level, then this app is for you. Apart from the EdgeRank, Facebook has other features that you can make excellent use of as well. Such features include pinned posts, featured links, post targeting highlighted posts, custom tabs, and post scheduler, to mention but a few. These features can be far reaching in effect when it comes to making your posts stand out.

If you use the space offered wisely, you can create a lasting impression on your visitors and make them want to come back continuously. This applies to the cover image, the about section and the other important factors you need to address in the space offered. This section gives you the opportunity to communicate your purpose and engage your visitors. The first thing a visitor is likely to see upon landing on your Facebook page is your cover photo. As such, you need to make sure this image talks details about your business, which can help the target group associate easily with your page.

If you do not post regularly, then your page’s visitors are likely to stop coming back. On the contrary, posting quite often keeps the communication going and the link with your visitors alive. However, it is wise to ensure that you are posting relevant information too. Make sure you have something that builds your audience, educates them and entertainment from time to time is worthwhile. Comments may seem to be a regular thing, and quite often than not, many people do not consider responding to them.

This is one area where you can build your business page to levels you could not expect. Response to comments is essential as it keeps you in touch with your visitors, and, above all, helps understand what they expect of you. Also, keep your permissions open for visitors to get in touch. It may sound easy, but it takes commitment to make your Facebook business page what you want it to be. These ideas can help you get things started, just go for what works best for you.

In the wake of online marketing, Facebook has been one of the avenues where you can market effectively. However, this calls for considering several things even before testing the waters. The most important barrier is competition, whether weak or strong. This can help understand reasons for failures or success on the Facebook platform. Besides this aspect, you also need to keep an eye on the following factors as well; these eight tips will take you to the top.

One of the things that determine your success in Facebook is the reach you achieve with every single post. Once you post, people who have like or followed your page will see it, but this also depends on other factors as well. Above all, the best timing helps you gain an edge over the competition since others are also posting throughout the day and night. The best time to post is usually during the day when people can see what you have to offer.

Not all posts perform the same, as some are more effective than others. Some of the best posts to go for include questions, videos, links, image posts, giveaways, coupons, and discounts. These posts add value but knowing what to post adds value and provides added benefit in enhancing your success. Most of the time, you need to ensure that the relevant posts on your wall are viewed by as many people as possible. In this case, posting on Sundays has been proposed as the way to go.

If you are not able to post on a Sunday, Saturday is also a good day to post. If you are using a linking strategy on Facebook to articles on your website, then you are on the right track. However, you also need to consider the length of the article you are linking too. BuzzSumo recommends using 1,000 to 2,000-word articles, as they receive more interactions than the shorter ones. Anywhere between 3,000 and 4,000 also works wonders, so that is a great option for you as well. While people will visit your page to see what you have for the day, it does not mean they come there to spend all day. This calls for shunning long descriptions and going for the shorter ones, about 50 characters at most.

If you have a 10-word description, you are good to go. It is not advisable to post this type of videos on Facebook. Instead, you can opt for embedding a video or directly upload it. In case you have published a video post on your page, go a step further and upload its source on Facebook.  

With its versatility, Facebook works well with other social media sites; Instagram is one of these options. You can merge them so that whenever you post a picture, it is uploaded to your Facebook account. It is easier and more efficient as well.

Another great tool to enhance your Facebook by boosting the engagement you get. Including them in your posts can go a long way in offering results you did not expect. Thoughtful ideas that can enhance your effectiveness on this platform, if well approached; this is a great way of enhancing your Facebook marketing. Once you have your Facebook page up and ready, what you post there is as important as the page itself.

Therefore, you must go an extra mile to ensure you have the right posts that will keep your visitors coming back for more every day.

This means knowing what your business audience needs and what the clients are expecting of you. Whenever you are posting on your page, you should ensure you have a clear objective behind the necessity to communicate. Start by analyzing what you want to get from a post, as this is reliable in making it more efficient. Remember, the goal of your post should be apparent.

There are many ways you can use a post to engage your visitors. You can ask a question, or post a photo and let them caption, leave a blank for them to fill in and many other ways as well. The best thing here is to draw them closer. Just make it short, but ensure it is compelling enough. Using a concise yet compelling language and or image, but keep vague or deceptive language at bay, if you want to generate clicks, a little professionalism can work out best for you.

Posting photos have been known to receive more attention over word posts but posting a link has been found to outperform the photos. Therefore, combining both a photo post and link can be more efficient. Just ensure that the page where the link leads has a big picture that will appear along with a short description of the post. If this is not the case, then you can just paste a photo and a brief link to go with it.

One of the things your visitors will keep coming back is if they find inspiration in your posts. As such, this aspect is one of the essential things you cannot afford to leave out in your post. All you need to do here is ensure your sentiments are authentic enough. You can use memes, quotes that your audience can relate with and inspirational photos if you want to enhance shares.

An excellent post does not always have to be promotional. Your Facebook is not an advertisement billboard. Therefore, although you will need to do promotions and offers from time to time, it is wise to ensure you are not overdoing it. Consider providing helpful content for your audience apart from just promotions. Going for a mixture of the two can go a long way in making things work out best.

A well-crafted post can attract visitors and keep the existing followers. It is thus advisable to utilize the effectiveness of this factor to ensure you make the best out of every single post. Make every post count. Most of the time, people do not take Facebook business pages as seriously as they should. As a result, many end up making mistakes that cost them negative effects and reviews. If you are running a business page on this platform, then ensure you keep these mistakes at bay.

1. Making it about you

This is the first misconception. Many will think that their business page on Facebook is about them, but the opposite is the case. This page should be more about your visitors; you should keep them in mind and only post about yourself occasionally.  

2. Sweating the details

One of the things you need to avoid is making your page boring by posting almost every other minute. No matter how great your posts are, just posting in a one out of ten ration goes a long way in communicating to your visitors. You do not have to flood them with damning information repeatedly to let them know what you have, just take it slow.

3. Running a dormant page

This mistake also goes unnoticed and can be devastating. If you are not ready to manage the page, do not start it until you are sure you can post continuously. This means ensuring you post regularly, not just once a month and you disappear.

4. You are not social

The word speaks volumes; social media is about being social. If you fail in this aspect, then you have just lost. Being social includes keeping in touch with your visitors by giving them content, engaging them and responding to their comments too. Maintain the connection, and you will have engaging eyes coming back for more.

5. Insufficient linking

The Facebook business page cannot efficiently perform if you do not link it appropriately. You need to ensure you keep it connected to other sources where visitors can get detailed information on some matters. Keeping your page locked out of the outside world will only do it more harm than good.

6. Creating the wrong impression

The perception your visitor will have about you and your business depends on the first impression they get from you. This relies on the cover image you put on your page. If the photo does not positively or concisely represent your business, then you may lose potential customers or readers.

7. Poor timing

Lack of proper timing to get your audience can cost you. You need to analyze your prospective visitors and identify the best time they are likely to see your posts. This helps earn a level of certainty that your point is getting to the intended audience. It is advisable that you post during weekends, especially if you are targeting consumers.

8. Too much professional approachThis being a business page does not mean you go in with a clenched formal approach. This will likely be perceived as inaccessible, which can dent your connection with visitors. It is wise you post slowly on the professional approach and embrace a personality approach so that others can relate to you easily. These mistakes may appear ineffective, but they can be devastating if two or more affect your business page. Therefore, you need to ensure you keep them in check to keep your page’s performance at its best.

Creating a Facebook page is one thing but making it a successful one is another thing altogether. If you are looking to make your page stand out, then you need to include these four simple steps. One essential thing to keep an eye on here is your ideal client. The idea behind knowing your prospective visitors helps utilize your space well to put the right information in the right section, where it can be clearly seen. Going for niche marketing and segmentation is also far reaching in page success, as this enhances focusing on your target audience.

Remember, the more you narrow down, the better. If you want to make your page look like a website you brought right into Facebook, then the way you brand is the secret. This helps you bridge Facebook to your sites, although you do not have to rush your clients through Facebook. Avoid creating more clicks for your visitors to get to your site, as this may work against what you intended to achieve. If there is one formula that is usually underrated by most business owners, then it is inbound marketing.

The fact is that marketing tactics are essential for the success of any intention to bring traffic to your doorstep, and Facebook is no different. Primarily, this strategy has to do with using keywords, videos, opt-in opportunities as well as cross-promotions.  You need to ensure you have great content on your FB page as you would with a website or blog. The good news is that there are apps like Networked Blog that you can use to link this content and beef up your Facebook page. The best thing you can do for your page is to be committed efficiently, and this means real-time engagement.

This means acting whenever necessary for time and effort to materialize. As such, you need to keep coming back to your page and check out the interests, likes, opinions from your visitors and other important things. The best thing to remember here is the fact that engagement is all about doing it for your fans than for yourself.  To achieve this, ensure your posts are more about your fans and give them an opportunity to talk about themselves.

Coming up with a successful Facebook page is never the easiest thing to do, but it does not have to freak you out, nevertheless. Knowing what to do and why you need to have it done is the first step in realizing this essential aspect. Therefore, understanding what is expected of you can go a long way in preparing you to tackle the task efficiently. This can necessitate checking out other Facebook pages to get an idea of what you need to do. After that, commitment and sacrificing your time to tend to your page comes in handy. Above all, remember to make it more about your fans than yourself.

Facebook is the leading social media site with many users who daily log into their counts.  People connect with their friends’ online and share their life progress on various issues. Facebook marketing is a new trend where people purchase items from advertised Facebook posts.  The following are ways in which one can market items online on Facebook; There are no fees charged for creating a Facebook account.  

A Facebook page enables a business to identify itself through sharing images, links, and posts. A customized Facebook page gives customers a better grasp of the kind of services and goods offered. Unlike Facebook accounts, pages do not have a limitation on the number of friends. Additionally, someone does not have to be your friend to like your posts. Online marketing can efficiently be as simple as placing advertisements on a Facebook page.  The advertisements come on the side of a Facebook page. It includes a picture of the item on sale in addition to the link or hyperlink to a business page.  

You can customize each advertisement to meet a specific group of users or for a certain location. Holding various Facebook contests on items and rewarding participants is a great awareness creation tool. Many people get to know your brands through such contests.  The contests will direct users in participation on a third party already established application. Sponsored posts are a kind of advertisement where a user gets to share the experience with the certain product.

If someone went for snacks at McDonald’s, their friends can easily get to learn of their experience. In this way, products are promoted and get more users. Sponsored stories are the only advertisement available on mobile devices. Once a user likes a certain business page, the information is automatically posted on the news feed.  A brand gets more fans through sponsored stories.

Facebook Open graph is unlike the other advertising tools where one just likes or comments on a specific story; an open graph creates interactivity between the users and the seller.  The third-party application enables the actions that users perform on Facebook posts.   Entrepreneurs need creativity in deciding the kind of action users can take such as listen or read. Facebook Exchange allows retailers to get a chance of placing real-time bidding. Through the exchange tool, a retailer can re-advertise a post when a retailer visits and fails to make a purchase.  The advertisements used to appear in the side column but currently appear on the news feed. These tools are great in carrying out marketing on the Facebook site. Through these tools, a business gains the much-needed publicity. All social media platforms provide an opportunity for creating advertisements.

Still, Facebook is the best site in terms of features, insights, and audience.  Facebook is an ideal place for a business to start from.  Many businesses end up misusing their resources when Facebook ads become ineffective.  It is vital to have knowledge of the way Facebook works and its best practices. Facebook offers insights into the kind of business that generates revenues and best-selling products. The insights are integral in the determination of whether a product is worth the effort. The publisher will learn the specifics on an audience before spending money while targeting them.   The Facebook insights work through mining data from the people who have liked your Facebook page and showing their preferences on your products.  It saves time and money on advertising according to the customer’s desires.

Every audience is unique, especially when dealing with a variety of products.  You can select two advertisements or more depending on your targeted audience.  Still, the same ad can be sent to two different audiences. For example, when dealing with clothing, you can target individual persons as well as entrepreneurs who will consider buying in bulk. Before placing the Facebook, advertisements ensure that you have a business Facebook page.  It allows users to be familiarized with your product before placing in any marketing tactic.

Also, Facebook advertisements allow hyperlinking. The advert should lead people to the page to learn more on the product. Before placing any advertisement, ensure there are likes on your Facebook page. This way, you will not spend money on an advertisement without a set clientele that you are targeting. Striking advertisements are important for drawing attention to your Facebook ad. Many people major in how to create the advertisement with no mention of the image.  

Visual attraction is important. Hire an expert to create the advertisement if you cannot do it.  Facebook indicates that you cannot use images that contain more than twenty words. Limit the text used. Images will attract attention to your advertisement. Before developing an advertisement setup, a bid strategy.  

A budget is needed to avoid overspending.  Optimized CPM allows you to put together a budget and strategy.  This tool develops an advertisement based on the constraints and goals provided.  Until you are well versed with the cost of space on Facebook, let Facebook develop the advertisement for you to minimize overspending.

Creation of a killer Facebook advertising is based on understanding the platform and maximizing the features. As much as the advertisement is important, the platform used is important. Create a Facebook page and build on it.  Still, keep in mind that technology is changing. Familiarize yourself with changing features.

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