A Transcriptionist Job Could Get You $25/Hr. Here’s Where to Start

Do you want a job that has a flexible schedule? One that lets you work from where you are? Well, a transcription job could be what you are looking for. You are free to set your own schedule and you regulate the amount of work you take on every week. 

In most cases, transcription jobs are categorized as legal, medical or general. The first two require work experience and/or schooling. 

General transcription is ideal for beginners and that is what this guide is about. 

What You Need to Start

Transcription entails typing what you hear in audio files. For you to get into it professionally, you will need a high-end foot pedal for audio playback and transcription software (Express Scribe). 

Other companies will hire you if you have the basic things—high speed internet and a computer. 

Is It Easy?

You may find it easy while another person may find it difficult.

Sometimes, you will be required to transcribe files with low quality audio. Other times, the English being spoken in the audio will be broken or laden with an accent. 

You should know that this work is repetitive. To transcribe well, you have to listen to an audio file several times. 

Nonetheless, the fact that this is a flexible job may make the repetitiveness easy to persevere. 

Another benefit is that you can take a vacation anytime you like. Just let your clients know that you will not be taking gigs for some time. 

How Much Will You Earn?

Transcription is one of the best paying work-at-home jobs. Your skill level and speed, amount of work and client are the main determinants of your pay. 

While this article says you can earn $25/hour, understand that this refers to an audio hour. This is the rate that most companies use. $25 per audio hour means $25 for one hour of audio. Transcribing an hour of audio may take you a few hours. 

Six Companies That Hire Newbies

The following companies are legitimate and they hire newbies on a regular basis. For many of them, you will be required to take a test before being accepted. 

Transcribe Anywhere: this one offers transcription courses. It teaches how to start a transcription business in addition to teaching you how to transcribe.

TranscribeMe: to start, you need to register on TranscribeMe and take a Transcriber Training Program. The pay is $15/audio hour. 

Quicktate: to be accepted, you need to pass their typing quiz. If you work on Quicktate for a while, they can promote you to iDictate which pays more. 

Rev: for you to start taking on assignments, you have to present a transcription template and pass their grammar quiz. The pay per audio hour ranges from $22 to $39.

Tigerfish: there is a skills test that you have to pass to be accepted. Their job frequency, method and rates are private. You have to apply to know.

Crowdsurf: you have to open an account on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Payment is also done though Amazon.

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