Amazon to Employees: Here’s 10K to Quit Your Job and Start a Business

Amazon keeps on disrupting industries. Their focus is now on courier services.  In the recent past, Amazon announced that it is expanding its Delivery Service Partner program. This updated program is encouraging Amazon employees to quit their jobs and create a package delivery business. In addition, Amazon has promised to take care of the start-up costs for them, up to $10,000. Moreover, the employees will receive three months of their wages. 

This is a win for the company as well as the customers. It is a way for Amazon to fill the package delivery void that the FedEx and U.S Postal Service can’t. 

How about the entrepreneurs, is it a win for them?

Amazon Delivery Service Partner – How to Become One

This partnership program was started in June 2018. Anyone in Spain, U.K or the U.S can access it. The program is meant to entice delivery savvy employees to create their own business shipping Amazon deliveries full time. Guidance and basic training will be offered by Amazon, but it is up to the partners to lease and hire delivery vehicles. 

This recent expansion is mainly for Amazon employees. They are offered three months of their current wage and an additional $10,000 to leave their job and get into the program. 

The application process may take up to 6 months. Once you have been accepted into the program, you will undergo intensive training for three weeks, this includes traveling to Seattle. 

To qualify for the startup funds, you must be an Amazon employee based in the U.S. 

The following will put you at an advantage:

  • A minimum of $30000 in liquid assets
  • Experience in hiring/developing employees
  • History of business ownership
  • Package delivery experience

There is a public brochure published by Amazon. It contains all the details including the full training schedule. 

Experts say that this is not a get rich quick scheme and one should think long and hard before quitting their job. 

Other Opportunities for Making Money, Courtesy of the Amazon Disruption

Amazon has disrupted so many industries, offering career opportunities in the process. 

Affiliate Marketing

The Amazon affiliate marketing program is one of the best ways to monetize your blog or website. You place links on your website that lead to Amazon products. These are items that you have reviewed or written about. When a visitor clicks through and buys something, you earn a commission.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex delivery partners deliver products to consumers through Amazon Restaurants, AmazonFresh, Prime Now and The more you deliver, the more you earn.

Book Publishing

Self-publishing your book on Kindle is free. The book will be ready for purchase in 24-48 hours. 

Mechanical Turk

This is like a freelancing website. Businesses or individuals list tasks and users complete them before the deadline.

Online Selling

Amazon attracts a crazy number of online shoppers. They don’t just buy from Amazon but from individual sellers as well. Become a seller and join in the fun.

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