Free and Inexpensive Things to Do in Harajuk

Tokyo is a special city. Unlike most cosmopolitan cities, you can have amazing experiences for free—if you look in the right places. This list gives you an option of awesome things to enjoy so you can have fun for free or inexpensively. 

Awaken the Street-Style Photographer in You

In Harajuku you will encounter all kinds of wildly fashionable brands. As a result, most people dress equally wildly to match the peculiar and unique styles. Take your camera and head to Harajuku Bridge or Yoyogi Park. That is where you will meet photo subjects that do not mind having their photo taken. 

However, remember to ask nicely. Say, “Shashin totte mo ii desu ka?” It is a kind way of asking if you can take a photo of someone. 

Dress Like a Harajuku Boy/Girl

The best way to engage in the subculture of Japan is by joining in. Dressing for Harajuku is simple, and you only need to follow one rule: be open-minded and creative. Be as bold as you can get.

Lose Yourself in Takeshita Dori

If you wander and find yourself surrounded by knick-knacks you cannot identify and cute clothes and toys, you are probably in Takeshita Dori. There is so much to see and buy here (it is all cheap).

Go to a Spiritual Oasis

Tokyo is densely populated and that can be overwhelming. Meiji Shrine is a great place to rejuvenate and come back feeling fresh. You can also take a nature walk.

Crash a Wedding

This is a joke. If you see a Shinto wedding ceremony, do not crash it. You will most likely come across one because they are so common. The procession is a fascinating sight but please, enjoy it from a distance. 

Parkour/Yoga/Jog Yoyogi Park

You can have all the fun you wish to have at Yoyogi Park—all for free. Use it for exercise if a gym membership is too expensive for you. Alternatively, have a relaxing picnic and just rest. 

Checkout Harajuku’s Kawaii Monster Café

Okay, this one is not free. However, the bizarre experience you are about to have is worth the money. This psychedelic café is giving the famous Robot Restaurant a run for their money. Despite the crazy scenes, sounds, and colors, the café is family friendly. 

Visit the NHK Studio Park

This is not a very thrilling attraction. It is the NHK (a public broadcaster) headquarters and is only a few minutes from Harajuku Station. Pop by and get some insight on the history of Japan’s national broadcasting. 

The Tokyo Skyline

Enjoy a magnificent view of the city from the Espace Louis Vuitton Gallery in Omotesando. In the evening, watch the sunset from the Omohara Plaza. 

Recycle Your Clothes

This is not only free, but it could also mean extra money in your wallet. There are several shops that will take your clothes. The problem is that some of them can be picky.

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