How Can I Earn Money Online/Offline as a Student in France

France is an attractive country complete of diverse people, foods, as well as culture. The standard of life in France is extremely high and also can take a significant monetary toll on students! A great deal of students struggle to stay on par with the high cost of living and also college charges despite the fact that they work part-time.

Sell Jewelry or Trinkets on Etsy

If you are the imaginative type, among the simplest means to generate some added revenue from house is by opening a small online service on Etsy. You’ll need basic internet service as soon as you’re set-up, there’s no limitation to what you can earn.

Etsy is particularly prominent amongst amateur developers and also musicians trying to find stable income. While it is hard to live off a little online company in today’s world, it is a wonderful method to supplement your income– until you strike it big, a minimum of.

Online Casino Games Tons of students in Denmark end up playing casino enterprise Denmark for fun and some play video games at a casino enterprise Denmark to make some money on the side. It is hard for you to earn revenue constantly as you can not predict your luck if you end up playing games based on good luck. French students can find out a thing or 2 from students as well as play skilled-based video games like online poker or Texas Hold’em as well as make some income on the side.

Naturally, numerous online casino followers still prefer to be in a land-based gaming hotel, having fun with an actual dealership; nonetheless, on the internet casino sites have actually come to be extra popular in Europe and Denmark particularly.

End up being a Handyman

You can always offer your services to nearby locals in exchange for some added revenue if you are a competent handyman. Don’t be worried to befriend your next-door neighbors and also ask them if they need some aid with tiny house troubles if you are still new to the city. Doing an excellent task can help you land a lot more customers down the line.

One means to get into Handyman solutions is to begin by offering your skills free of cost. You can slowly begin to charge a cost when you make a few contacts.

Sell your Clothes

For people who buy new clothes regularly, this choice is a no-brainer. Simply determine the clothing you don’t need or desire, after that upload images of them on websites like eBay or Poshmark. Keep in mind, however, that the clothing markets in French cities are rather affordable, so make sure to price your things according to the demand in your area.

Consulting Services

A great deal of French people that reside in significant cities like Paris and also Lyon will lease an added room or house to help cover the high rental fees. You can provide your solutions as a supervisor of these rental residential or commercial properties, as long as you are well-versed in French.

If you’re not yet certain in your language capacities, don’t hesitate to connect up with another person who can connect with the lessees to make your job easier.

Job at a Café or Restaurant
You can likewise attempt asking for a job at the regional coffee shop if you are lucky to live close to a college. This is a terrific means to make some friends and meet individuals while making money.

Working as a food web server is not always extravagant, but it can be enjoyable if you do not mind obtaining your hands dirty.

Look into Postings on Fiverr
One fantastic internet site to earn money online is called Fiverr, which allows you to market just concerning any type of product or service at a starting rate of $5. The site has a worldwide reach too, so you can use your audience wherever they are– as long as you have the correct expertise.

Create a Blog

A side hustle that can be surprisingly rewarding is to launch a blog. If you are an immigrant learning French, your blog already has a great niche, you simply need to generate engaging web content and also market it well.

Once you grow a dependable audience, you can begin checking into affiliate networks and also ad companies to connect your blog earning potential.

Job as a Tutor for Other Expats

You might not be a French professional yet, however you should have the ability to assist other foreigners converse in French, which will certainly serve for brand-new deportees especially those that discover it tough to understand English in French accents.

Just rent your vehicle to make money if you don’t have driving abilities or do not have time to drive. You can also hire a driver with any type of firm.

You can pay your EMI, Service expense, and also Fuel costs by leasing your car.

Partner with Uber

You can also generate income with Uber or Lyft if you have a car. Uber and Lyft has phenomenal pay, permits you to be your own manager, and also provide you incentives.

Uber Technologies, Inc. is an American multinational transport network firm (Simply Uber is an arbitrator application for vehicle drivers and motorcyclists) using services that consist of peer-to-peer ridesharing, trip service hailing, food shipment, as well as a bicycle-sharing system. Currently Uber running in a number of countries.

The business is based in San Francisco and also has operations in above 750 urban areas worldwide.

Cover Advertisements on Car

Some companies will pay you cash by sticking their advertisements on your vehicle. Call the closest business or your preferred firm to get promotions.
You can also research ad companies on local apps to sign up. .
Lease Your Home
You can also make some suitable money with your residence. Simply rent out some areas in your house to obtain a new revenue source.

Do not buy a house just to rent out unless you can afford to. Rent only if you already have a residence.

Lease Your Parking Space

You can lease your parking space or garage if you are living in metro areas. You can earn money with your garage. This is the most convenient means to make money without any job or financial investment.


When you are starting out, making money as a student can be challenging. We recommend trying 4 to 5 of the options detailed above and see what works best for you. Do not get dissuaded if your very first attempts are not effective, keep trying and you will find what works best for you!

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