How to Create a Blog Appropriate for Ads

Many people make money writing blogs nowadays. If you have your blog website, you can make money by selling ads. Some of the bloggers founded their blogs because of the thought of earning huge sums of money through ads. This method of earning is legit and very convenient to do. However, most of your readers and followers hate seeing ads and gets irritated when one ad pops up from somewhere. As a blogger, you need to discover the best way how to make ads work without annoying your followers.

Let’s be honest here, writing blogs is easy but constructing a blog site that is appropriate for ad space is tricky. Don’t give up though! You can still create your dream blog while earning cash from ad space if you read and follow through our tips down below.

How to Create a Blog Appropriate for Ads

Before you proceed any further, it is important to keep in mind that making money out of your blog takes a systematic process. You cannot make money out of it as soon as you start blogging. But if you are an influencer that has an established blog already which can generate lots of traffic through your followers, you can sell space for ads and generate money this way.

In creating a blog appropriate for ads, you must think about the amount of traffic, stability, and your blog’s design. These requirements are important because these are what entice an advertiser to pay you for an ad on your blog.

For advertisers to get interested in your blog, you must have at least 10,000 blog visitors per month. This may be hard to achieve if you are a start-up blogger, but over time and with great contents and marketing, this number is highly achievable.

A professional blog design with spaces for ads is also a must because advertisers are looking for layouts which can highlight their advertisements.

Moreover, the stability of a blog focuses on generating constant traffic. You need to maintain your number of blog visitors per month, and it’ll be best if it keeps growing in number over time. Advertisers want to rent an ad space that many people can see and read.

What are the Ads You can Sell on Your Blog?

You can post different types of ads on your blog. You need to know what these different types are for you to distinguish which among the different types work better for your blog, and which you must stay away from.

  • Google AdSense (PPC). PPC or pay-per-click is one of the ways at which you as a blogger can earn from ads on your website. Google AdSense allows website owners to place targeted ads on their respective sites. When these ads are clicked on by a website visitor, it generates income to the blogger. You don’t have to work on it directly since it is the advertiser who will put the ads on your blog.

As the website’s founder, what you need to do is to make an AdSense campaign that is relevant to what your blog is all about. If you choose random ads that are in no way connected to your blog, it will only generate negative results.

For example, if you run a blog about weddings, advertise ads related to weddings such as wedding gown boutiques, flower shops and photography ads. If you blog about health-related contents, only put up ads that are related to health such as pharmaceuticals, gym and food ads.

Prices on AdSense are paid dynamically and are set through an auction. Hence, it is hard to give an exact amount to how much a blogger can make from using AdSense.

A lot of websites get profit using AdSense, but you have to check on it first if it is the best one for you. Also, try optimizing the ads on your site to help increase revenue.

  • Affiliate Links. Affiliate marketing involves earning a commission every time you promote other people’s products by inserting an affiliate link on your posts. An affiliate link is a specific URL which has the affiliate’s details.

If you have a large following on your blog, it is guaranteed that your followers trust you and values your opinion. When you write contents with affiliate links, chances are they will consider your suggestion and check out the link you have posted.

Every time you have the opportunity to insert a link into your content, do so. It is a chance to promote other products and give you revenues.

Getting paid through affiliate links, however, is different from getting paid through PPC. In affiliate links, the advertiser will only pay you if a reader clicks on the link and complete a certain action such as making a purchase or registering for a subscription.

To get better revenues through affiliate links, make sure that you put the links in the right parts of your blog. Make sure that you have build-up the product before inserting the link in the content so that your readers have an idea of what they are clicking into. Furthermore, do not insert misleading links nor deceive your followers by advertising poor products and services. Not only will this tarnish your reputation as a blogger, but you can also lose some of your followers.

  • Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon is one of the largest and most famous online marketplaces. The Amazon Affiliate Program can be considered as a blogger’s pot of gold. Each product sold through an affiliate link gives you up to 10% of the advertising commission. 10% may be small for some of you, but once you get the hang of the process and many people purchase through the links you provided, you can generate a good amount of income.

If you are a tech blogger, you can write reviews on different gadgets such as phones, laptops, and other devices. You can insert an Amazon affiliate link which will lead your readers to your reviewed products in Amazon. The blog comes naturally as you reviewed a product for them and provided them with a link should they choose to buy one for themselves.

One tricky thing though is the geolocation of the affiliate program. Make sure that you put appropriate links based on where your readers are located. Banners, links and widgets may also be included on your post. If you do this right, you will surely earn big bucks from the Amazon Affiliate Program.

  •  Direct Advertising. Direct Advertising allows you to reach out to advertisers so that they choose your blog for their advertising campaigns. In this type of advertising, you do not need a third party to facilitate your advertising gigs as you are placing your own advertisement on your own blog saying that the exact spot is for rented ads.

This type of advertising requires your blog to have good traffic and reaches a wide range of audience for advertisers to consider renting your ad space.

  • Sponsored Blog Posts. Sponsored blog posts mean articles written by other people that are published on your blog site. There are occasional moments though that you, as the primary blogger, have to write these articles.

Mostly, you will receive an article that you can publish on your blog. As the owner of the website, you may recommend some edits or request to get paid in return of writing a blog for them. Do not ever accept free sponsored blog posts except when the request comes from big-time bloggers who can help your site get more followers.

When accepting sponsored blog posts, you have to make sure that you accept only the things that are related to your blog’s theme. As the owner of the site, you can request specific contents that you want to post and can take advantage of these articles to fill in spaces on your blog while making a profit out of it.

                Other Ad Networks

  • Chitika. Chitika is an ad network suitable for bloggers with a lot of search engine traffic. It is a great substitute for AdSense. This ad network shows effective and relevant ads if your blog has not reached strong traffic yet.

Chitika offers different ad types on their system, and they are easy to make and customize. Its primary domain is contextual ads. You can also find hover ads, in-text ads, and highlight ads. Chitika is a large-scale blogger’s pot of gold, but even small ones can make money out of it too.

  • BuySellAds. This is a network where bloggers can connect with potential advertisers. Biggest niche blogs also rely on BuySellAds for their advertising gigs. One downside on using this network, however, is the fact that they are very costly. BuySellAds takes 25% from every ad sale that you have. The upside is that they help with payments, ad hosting as well as bookkeeping, which makes the process of advertising transactions smooth and easy.

The Importance of Lead Generation for Ad Selling

Blogs have quality leads you can use for various ad strategies. Blogs should be able to talk about topics that generate interests among people, especially those topics that are vital in their daily living and provides them with information to solve existing problems.

Quality contents mean appealing topics. If you want to achieve a strong lead, you need to produce quality contents that appeal to the general public. It may sound easy, but it can be difficult to settle on one niche alone. To help minimize your choices, ask yourself what problems do people have and what advice you give them to help find a solution to their problems.

Choosing your blog’s topics matter, therefore think about what you want to write carefully.

You can take other ideas from similar blogs but do not copy them altogether. You can check it out to inspire you for more ideas or how to deal with a similar matter from a different angle.

Blog posts should be published consistently and shared on different social media platforms for better exposure and increase traffic. You should also include helpful external links that will direct readers to other contents on your blog.

Providing quality contents that are honest and reliable will make people trust you and your blog. Once trust has been built you can now lead your readers to paid ads for which you can earn revenues. Make sure that you only direct them to products and services that offer quality and class. Do not ever compromise your integrity for paid ads, which provides lousy products and services.


There are two important factors on selling ads: your blog and your readers. Your blog should make an impact online and must remain classy so that it will not reduce the quality of your posts nor the reading experience of your followers once you add advertisements. Remember, your readers control traffic and you need to keep them interested in your contents so that advertising companies will choose you.

Good luck on your blog endeavour!

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