How to Dramatically Increase Your Targeted Website Traffic

Increased targeted website traffic means more chances of generating sales, leads and interests. There are multiple ways of driving traffic to your site. Some work and some do not. In this article, I will teach you the ultimate secret to skyrocket your targeted website traffic. Before I reveal the secrets to generating traffic, I need to tell you the fundamentals of website traffic.

Basically, there are four types of traffic source: You can buy traffic – This may include things like pay-per-click search engines such as Google AdWords and Overture. You can also buy banners and text links from high traffic websites. You can create traffic – This may include things like writing your own articles, starting an affiliate program, creating a blog etc. You can borrow other people’s traffic – This is where you use other people’s traffic using leverage. It could be through viral marketing, joint ventures, and placing ads on ezine/newsletter.

Without further delay, let us get started. One of the most common questions I get from people this day is “where are the best places to buy traffic?”. My answer to them is pay-per-click search engines. This is the first secret to generating traffic. The traffic you get from PPC search engines is usually high-quality and laser targeted. I usually use this as my number one traffic source to test out my website, because if my website cannot convert high- quality visitors into buyers, then so is the same for other sources of traffic, even if it’s free.

You will just be wasting your time and effort. The second secret is purchasing banner ads. Banner ads got a poor reputation after the dotcom boom busted. That is why most marketers stay away from banners. But in fact, banner ads are proven to be one of the most effective ways to bring quality traffic, and it is the most overlooked source of getting traffic. Also, banner ads are dirt cheap.

I can still remember that during the dotcom boom, banner ads soared to prices such as $100 per 1000 impressions. Now, you could get them for just a few dollars. Another overlooked way of getting quality traffic is purchasing existing websites. This is the third secret I want to teach you. Existing websites are usually established and have a steady flow of traffic. The websites you should be looking for are sites which have high traffic, but the owner has not found a way to monetize the traffic.

The fourth way to increase your targeted traffic is through search engines. When people go online to look for information, 95% of them go to search engines. By making your website content rich, your search engine ranking will go up. However, most people end up wasting their time with search engines. The fifth way is by creating your own traffic. This involves things like writing articles and submitting to article directories, creating a content rich blog, starting an affiliate program where you motivate webmasters to send you traffic. You can also joint venture with other people.

This is an excellent way to increase your traffic, as it is a win/win situation. You send proposals to potential joint ventures, and kindly ask them to promote your product. You split the profit, and your JVs will start sending you traffic to your website! You can also exchange links or ads with your JVs. You place your link on their site, ezine or newsletter, and they place their ad on yours. If you get rejected by your JVs, so what? They could have said yes, and that could have meant an extra 1000, or even 10000 unique visitors to your website. Never be afraid to ask. That is, it. Remember, act and you will soon see your traffic dramatically increase.

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