How to Earn $2000+ Per Month in Passive Income Through Amazon KDP

Not long ago, it was impossible to have your book published without having an agent present it to a traditional publisher—and even then, publishing was not guaranteed. 

Things are way better today. You can publish and get your book to readers all around the world without investing much financially; thanks to self-publishing on Amazon KDP.

Here are 20 steps to guide you.

Sign up: go to the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing site and create an account. If you have one already, sign in and go to your Dashboard.

Come up with a new title: click on “Paperback” or “Kindle eBook” under “Create New Title”. This article will focus on the eBook process. 

Enter the title and subtitle of your book: this is optional. Make the title catchy and rich in keywords.

Enter edition number or series name: this applies if the book is a revised edition or part of a series.

Enter contributors and author’s name: enter your pen name or actual name under “Primary Author or Contributor” and other contributors under “Add Contributors”.

Input your book description: use gripping, emotional language and keywords. Do not forget to mention your accomplishments or that of your book.

Publishing rights: there are two options depending on the rights you hold.

Choose search keywords: you can establish these manually or with the Google Keyword Tool.

Categories: choose the categories that describe your book perfectly. Select a specific niche.

Choose age range: only fill in ages if it contains explicit material or is a children’s book. 

Book release option: choose a predetermined date or immediately. 

Manuscript: The Digital Rights Management (DRM) prevents illegal distribution of your Kindle book.  These settings cannot be changed later.

Upload your book file: click on “Upload eBook manuscript”. Ensure that the file type is supported. 

Kindle eBook cover: you can use Kindle’s Cover Creator. However, it is recommended that you have a professional design your cover.

Kindle eBook preview: there is the Online Preview feature that shows you how the book will appear on phones, tablets and Kindle e-readers. When the book is converted, select “Launch Previewer”. 

Kindle eBook ISBN: enter your book’s ISBN if you have one, it is okay if you do not. Avoid using the one from your book’s print edition.

KDP Select Enrollment: if you enroll your book, you will reach a bigger audience and make more money, among other benefits.

Publishing territories: verify where you have rights to distribute the book.

Pricing and royalty rates: your sales strategy and goals determine your pricing. 

Terms & conditions and publishing: once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, click on “Publish”. Your book will be available to potential buyers in 48-72 hours. 

Be sure to market the book as widely as possible.

When your book has already been published, go to your Amazon Kindle Payments section. You will see the number of people that have purchased or read your book. This will be a stream of income for you.

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