How To Include Video In Your Email Marketing

Video is the fastest and most effective medium of communication in marketing. It, therefore, goes without saying; that you have to use video in your email if you want to create brand awareness, educate your subscribers, or increase conversions. Emails with video stand out; they hook viewers and enhance engagement. They are more active and interesting to readers compared to plain text.

Video communicates in less time and makes it easier to understand complex subjects. When viewers watch a video about a product, they respond more positively. An online video has better chances of becoming popular. When it is widely shared on social media, the brand is boosted. Plan Your Campaign; “Why this campaign?” always ask yourself that before you begin. That way, you can set clear objectives.

For instance, to generate leads, announce events, create awareness, etc. and use these guidelines:

  • Have clear marketing strategies outlined for your campaign
  • Research thoroughly and understand your competitors
  • Figure out your target audience
  • Plan a marketing budget and adhere to it
  • Have a to-do list

For excellent results, go for high quality recording equipment. In addition, make use of video recording apps like Camera Plus Pro (iOS devices). Long videos do not appeal to the audience. Always go for something short and interesting. Explore popular platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube for more visibility and sharing. Never send out your video before it is tested.

Share it with friends and ask for suggestions. Create a series of videos; one long video is boring. Break it down into smaller videos and make a series. This keeps your audience interested and eager. Use the word “video” in your subject line; it increases the chances of users clicking on the email. Keep it short, clear, and actionable. Encourage the viewers to share the video and take action. Give your subscribers the freedom to play (or not) the video themselves. Single tap is always better than double tap.

Remove the need to open a new browser for them to view the video. Testimonials are highly valuable. Potential customers want to know what existing customers think. Add a personal touch; it builds users’ trust and engages them more. The following email service providers offer video email options and most of them do the heavy lifting for you.

  • MailChimp
  • VMatrix
  • BomBomb
  • TailoredEmail
  • Constant Contact
  • AWeber
  • Infusionsoft

HTML5 has numerous benefits such as improved functionality and a webpage video-playing feature. It plays a significant role in increasing mobile traffic. Animated .GIF and .PNG Videos are open standards just like HTML5. They play immediately when the email is opened. Although they do not support sound, they can drive higher clicks.

What Not To Do

  • Avoid “click here” and similar phrases
  • Do not use too many exclamation points
  • Avoid writing all content using uppercase
  • Stay away from dazzling colors
  • Less text in HTML email qualifies as spam
  • Avoid designing HTML email in Word

Boost Engagement With Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email has become a very powerful tool for marketers. Regardless of whether you want to create a buzz, enhance your relationship with customers, or increase sales, email is your go-to option. If all this is true, why is your email marketing campaign not yielding results? If your subscribers are not engaged with your brand, your strategy is bound to fail. So how do you boost engagement?

Ask your audience for feedback; what would they like from your business? Marketers find it difficult to answer this question accurately. If people do not click on your email, you are not giving them what they need. The wisest thing to do is ask them what they want. The best way to engage them and acquire valuable feedback is through surveys.

Online survey providers like Google Forms and Survey Monkey are great tools for creating and sending surveys to your list. Always keep it short and sweet for more responses. Sending reminder emails to customers to reorder a product might earn you repeat business. Moreover, the email might find the customer almost out of the product and they will thank you for the reminder. This is what is known as a replenishment campaign. These campaigns depend on triggered emails to generate clicks, sales, and conversions.

Take advantage of the fact that your products have to be replaced within a week or a month. This strategy requires you to know when your product needs replenishment. After that you can set up a trigger email to be sent at a specific time after the first purchase. Customers receive so many emails and it is an honor they opted in your campaign.

You should therefore go out of your way to make them feel special. Give them access to member-only content, sneak peeks, and exclusive deals. Make sure you have exclusive content for your list only. Let them know that members of your list only enjoy the perks.

You may have high click-throughs but do they turn into sales? Higher revenue is usually the main driving force behind email campaigns. An email recovery campaign can re-engage subscribers and have them make a purchase. Lost shoppers keep on increasing.

Abandoned cart emails should not be more than three. Before you scratch unengaged subscribers off your list try a few re-engagement tactics to see if you can interest them. This strategy can enhance your relationship with your list and generate quick sales. Understand why the subscribers lost interest in the first place. The most common types of re-engagement emails are usually emails with an incentive.

Re-engagement emails differ with win-back emails in that; win-back emails aim at pushing subscribers to make a purchase while re-engagement emails rekindle the relationship with your list. Blasting people with emails does not work anymore. Marketers personalize their content to keep their audience engaged. Improve your emails and let them reflect each individual reader’s interest to keep up with competition.

Personalize their time, location, and celebrate significant milestones with them. Your subscribers are not the same. Their interests and backgrounds differ. Sending emails to segmented lists yields higher results. Send your subscribers relevant and targeted content. For fruitful segmenting, analyze your customers’ data and come up with a strategy that works. 

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