How to Make Money in College

Apart from gaining knowledge in college, there are other activities that students get to have real life experiences, such as making friends and finding new ways to survive by making money. Besides, other activities are worth working on, even when free, but help us reach our life goals.

But fast forward, let us look at ways that students make money in college rather than live on the little handouts given by their parents.

  1. Become a Rideshare Driver

Companies such as Lyft are great avenues for making money as a driver. So long as you have a car, you can register with them, set your driving schedules and take people around. However, you need to meet certain conditions before being accepted by the company.

Apart from that, you can become an Uber driver,and  become an independent contractor, and spend your time making money by taking people to their preferred destinations.

  1. Working as a Handyman.

A handyman is skilled in different jobs at home, such as painting, moving goods, fixing leaking taps, and mowing lawns, among others. 

Sites such as TaskRabbit are great for giving ideas of where such jobs are and will help you with some good income. But bear in mind that you will need to exert some level of physical energy as you work as a handyman.

  1. Donating Plasma

If you are healthy and wish to donate some components of your blood (Plasma) to a needy patient, this can be a great avenue to make money and earn you close to $400 per month. But this can only be effective for those people who do not fear needles.

  1. Becoming a Music Teacher

Music soothes the heart of every person, and parents love it when their children learn such skills. You can sign up to teach music lessons in college if you possess such skills.

Sometimes students can opt to be taught at home, and you need to drive there if there are no public spaces for such lessons.

  1. Taking Notes

If you are an above average student who can take notes skillfully, why not turn this skill into a money-making avenue?

For instance, you can take notes and sell them to students who are not in a position to attend classes due to medical or other reasons.

  1. Provide Calligraphy Services for Special Events

Calligraphy is a   beautiful practice related to writing in an expressive, skilful and harmonious manner.

If you possess this skill, you can turn it into a money-making skill by offering your services during special events such as weddings, end-of-year or Christmas parties to make the theme of the day beautiful. While you can offer these services locally, you can still extend them locally, register with sites such as Etsy, and become a global seller.

  1. Work as a Librarian in a Public Library

Working as a librarian to shelf books and movies that have been checked in is another way to make money.

You can work according to your schedules- for instance, morning hours. This is because libraries offer these positions on a part-time basis.

  1. Taking Care of Pets

Taking care of pets is not just exciting but a great way to make money. Simple as it may look, people make a six-figure salary just by spending an hour or two walking or playing with pets while their owners are out working.

But this requires one to have specific certifications to carry out such duties.

If you are looking for a site to become a pet sitter, Rover is recommended, and you can search for such opportunities there.

  1. Work as a Personal Grocery Shopper

This is easily done, more so for those students who own vehicles. You can easily go to the stores, buy groceries and deliver to your friends for money,

Registering with apps such as ibotta allows you to get cashback.

When you activate with ibotta, you get a cash bonus of $10, and you can cash out the money as a gift card or using PayPal.

  1. Part-Time Employment in a Catering Company

Catering companies often look for people to lend hands to their catering duties mostly during the weekend when they have large cooking orders that they cannot manage on their own. Instead of spending your weekend parting at night, you can sacrifice and go for such offers and make some money.

  1. Baby Sitting

Babysitting is a well-paying gig, especially if you have an affection for babies. If you choose to be one, you can earn between $10- $20 per hour. But you need to be patient with the kids for them to have a sense of being loved.

 Advertise yourself through Twitter and Facebook, or spread fliers around the estate and in your famous neighborhood.

These are some 11 best ways you can make money when in college. Apart from these, you can as well make money online as below;

  1. Sell Used Textbooks

There are many ways to sell textbooks online apart from selling them at the campus bookstore. An example of sites you can use to sell them books include Bookscouter, or if you have bulks of them, you can sign up for an ISBN check. All you need to do is to mail them the books you want to sell, and they will do it for you.

  1.   Participate in Online Surveys

Taking online surveys can earn you some money as a college student. You can sign up with sites like Survey Junkie and rate them on sites like TrustPilot to increase their online presence.

  1. Shopping Online

We make many purchases online, including clothes, gifts, and toiletries daily. You can earn money shopping online by registering on the websites with coupons and rebates. Anytime you buy goods, you earn points which can be transferred to monetary value.

 Such sites include Swagbucks, Mr Rebates, Rakuten and others. But be careful not to go for impulse buying because of such enticements.

  1. Freelance Writing

Apart from publishing magazines and journals, college students can sign up with websites that require people to write articles for them and make quite a huge sum of money. These websites vary in niches such as personal finance, health, marketing, family, entertainment, etc. You do not have to be an expert in writing, but you gain skills by day if you have a passion and make a steady income.

There are still other On-Campus jobs you can achieve a lot as a college student. Some of them include the following;

  1. Working as a Campus Tour Guide

A campus tour guide works with visitors to move them around the campus ground for an hour or so, introducing them to different departments, buildings and the like, But you must be a friendly person who is ready to interact with people from all walks of life to be able to work as a tour guide.

  1.  Work at the Campus Cafeteria

This is another lucrative way for a college student to work as a cafeteria support. All you need is to flex your hours and find time to offer services during breakfast, lunch, or dinner.


While there are tons of ways that you can make some extra money as a college student, check out what you have passion for and run with it to perfect your skill. We hope we have offered some good guidance to enable you to make that extra coin on campus.

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