How To Make Money with ChatGPT in 2023

In the current digital world, there is a need to have swift conversations about growing your business and closing contracts in good time through interactive sessions. ChatGPT is a language processing tool that allows people to communicate as you would communicate through human conversations. And questions arise: “ChatGPT is a free-to-use program; can one make money from it?”

Indeed yes, you can make money. In our engagement, we will show you how you can make money with ChatGPT, and you could find it a worthwhile idea to put into action.

  1. Create New Content Ideas.

People worldwide like knowing what is trending, from fashion, finance, cryptocurrency, and many more. With ChatGPT, you can use it to generate tons of ideas relating to any subject.

If you come up with blogs, you can monetize them out of ideas generated and especially when one can generate traffic using the blogs. 

You can always query ChatGPT to help generate such ideas, and it’s unique to the results you get back. For example, an idea on How to make money through Freelance Writing.

You can ask questions such as; “I want to start making money through freelance writing; how can I go about it?”

And ChatGPT will give you ideas on how to manoeuvre into this industry and succeed.

  1. Rewrite Blog Post Headlines

At one time, you might feel like a specific headline in your blog post is not coming out well. And by changing it to a more unique one, you can generate traffic and make money.

ChatGPT will help you develop a unique blog title and replace your already boring one, and with time, you stand to see more traffic on your website, eventually translating to more money.

For instance, you can prompt Chat GPT with;” I would like to have a unique blog title on how to make money through freelance writing” It will generate ideas for you and it’s up to you to decide on the replacement that will eventually help you to make money.

  1. Help in Creating Draft Blog Outlines

If you need help creating interactive content for a blog, ChatGPT will help you do this and come up with blog post outlines that will help you generate a straightforward way to handle your topic.

You can do this by asking ChatGPT to help you develop a blog post outline to give you a head start on getting unique content.

 For instance, if you are looking forward to getting an outline on how to buy a baby stroller, you can ask ChatGPT to give you draft ideas.

You will get points on what to look out for, from the research point to window shopping to closing the purchase so that you can draft the article.

  1. Clean Up and Update Existing Content

Every day, the world keeps changing regarding products and services offered. If you rely on the old content forever, clients will stop visiting your site for lack of up-to-date content. Using ChatGPT, you can ask it to rewrite your content, give improved introductions, create fun memes in the content, and come up with FAQs for your site.

Doing this will rank high and draw more customers with little human interaction.

Suppose you are a freelance writer. You could offer these services to your clients and help them generate unique content with updated information and make money, courtesy of ChatGPT.

But be careful and avoid plagiarism or find that the content can be flagged as AI-generated. Always make it as natural as possible when offering these services.

  1. You can use ChatGPT to Write Codes for Simple Tools and Calculators.

ChatGPT is one of the most efficient tools that you can use to apply utility tools to enable you to run  Ads on. For instance, it is known for famous codes based on Stack Overflow’s time. Some of the utility tools that one can utilize  ChatGPT include Loan Repayment Calculator, Subscription Calculator, Unit Converter, or even the Cryptocurrency converter.

If you are a freelancer on famous sites like Upwork, you can apply for a developer job and make money, for instance, by adding a Unit Converter to the client’s website using ChatGPT.

Besides, you can ask for JavaScript and CSS code to add to the client’s website and earn money by providing such services.

  1. Getting Paid to Answer Questions

Working online has tons of ways you can make money from. For instance, some sites pay you to answer questions online. But you may need to find out which those sites are.

In such a case, you can use ChatGPT and prompt a question such as, “ Which sites can I use to get paid for answering questions online?” Chatbot will generate ideas for you about sites you can use to make money.

  1. Build a Business Website

If you are a website builder expert, consider using content generated from ChatGPT as you build commercial websites for restaurants, lawyers,  CPAs, Doctors and more. This will enable you to generate content using the right tone for the type of business in question rather than having it human-generated.

  1. Offer Translation Services

ChatGPT will help you translate texts into different languages. And sites such as Upwork or Fiver always look for freelancers who can offer these services.

If you land a translation job, you can use  ChatGPT to do the translations and earn some income.

For instance, you can write a prompt-  I want to be assisted in translating from French to English. Can you help to do this translation”?

  1. You Tube Automation

YouTube automation uses a YouTube channel to collect revenues from your videos without showing your real-time face. You can create a chatbot using ChatGPT to respond to comments made on your YouTube channels and make revenue when clients are comfortable with the answers.

Other tasks that you can use on your YouTube channel using ChatGPT include coming up with a YouTube content outline by providing a headline or still commenting on the channel to help generate traffic.

  1. Offer Copywriting Services to Customers

Providing copywriting services is one of the easiest ways to make money using ChatGPT. You can offer a compelling copy to your customers, informing their clients of the products and services provided. Such businesses will go further and create appealing scripts that could help them meet their vision.

If you want to offer copywriting services, you must have strong writing skills and be free from grammatical errors. 

Besides, you must be well aware of the services offered by your client to match your copy with their vision, which will blend well with their social media communication channels such as  Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms for marketing.

An example is advertising for a baby stroller for $400 on Twitter.

  1. Generate a Mobile App or a Mini Web App on which you can use ChatGPT to run ads.

ChatGPT is one of the most efficient tools that you can use to apply utility tools to enable you to run  Ads on. For instance, it is known for famous codes based back on the time of Stack Overflow. Some of the utility tools that one can utilize  ChatGPT include Loan Repayment Calculator, Subscription Calculator, Unit Converter, or even the Cryptocurrency converter.


ChatGPT has endless ways to use it as a side hassle to generate exciting income ideas. These are just a few. But if you want to be successful in making money using ChatGPT, there are several tips you need to consider, such as;

  • Ensure that the tools you want to integrate into ChatGPT are ethical and legal.
  • Ensure that you understand ChatGPT limitations and seek to have the originality of the content when using it.
  • Ensure that your client’s perspectives towards content generated using ChatGPT are positive and that they can only positively impact their businesses.

Doing this will ensure you get to the right footing and make money in 2023 using ChatGPT.

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