How to Make Money with Your Blog, Forever

Everyone needs some extra cash. People often say that blogging is an easy way of making money. But how do you do this? Once you have set up the blog, what next? 

Your blog is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But it is a good way of making money. Read on to find out how.

Monetize with CPM or CPC Ads

Placing ads on a website is the most common mode of making money for bloggers. Most ads fall into one of two popular categories:

CPC/PPC ads: pay per click or cost per click ads are in the form of banners placed on your sidebar or in your content. You get paid every time a visitor clicks on the ad. 

CPM ads: these are “cost per 1000 impressions” ads. You are paid a fixed amount depending on the number of people that view the ad. 

Google AdSense is the most known program for these kinds of ads. Others include, Infolinks and Chitika.

Sell Private Ads

When it comes to placing ads, you don’t have to work with advertising programs. If your blog receives a lot of traffic, advertisers will start reaching out to you asking you to sell ads. You can also find the advertisers yourself. This is better than using networks because you get to cut out the middleman. 

Affiliate Links in Content

This is how affiliate marketing works:

  • A seller or advertiser wants to sell a product.
  • The two of you agree that if you help them sell it, you will get a commission. 
  • You are given a unique link (it will be used to track your affiliate code).
  • You then place the link on your site. 
  • If someone clicks through and buys the product, you get a percentage of the full price. 

Amazon Associates is a good place to start.

Sell Digital Products

Selling your own digital products is also another great idea. The products can include:

  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Apps
  • Music
  • Video
  • Images
  • Online courses
  • eBooks

Before you get into this, make sure your readers need the product. Don’t just assume. It is wise to know and understand your visitors first, then make a product that solves their problem. 

Content Marketing Tool

You can make money by selling physical products too. This involves using your blog for content marketing and driving readers to your actual business website. 

Sell anything from manufactured products to handmade goods. 

Sell Memberships

Another way of making money is by selling memberships to special areas of your website. If you have a career blog, for instance, you could charge a monthly fee for readers to access your job board. 

The exclusive membership has to be something valuable. Don’t sell a service that they can get for free elsewhere.

Build Credibility

If your blog is popular and the content is great, people will recognize you as a guru in the niche (whatever you are blogging on). 

People may then start approaching you for opportunities in the industry. 

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