How to Sell Notebooks and Low Content Paperback Books on Amazon KDP

Selling notebooks on Amazon is easy and fun. Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is an eBook publishing unit by Amazon, launched in 2007. 

What This Entails

Selling print notebooks on Amazon is not a business that you can easily explain to people. It is hard to believe that someone would buy a blank paperback for as much as $6.99—yet they do. 

What Exactly Are the Products?

Creating a notebook involves providing 120 PDF pages with lines for people to write in. You design a cover then create an Amazon product page. That is all. 

“Low content books” are also included here. These are books like journals, logbooks and diaries. You can’t exhaust all the niches that are out there. In the case of a wine-tasting logbook, each page could contain space for customers to fill in information such as taste, price, vintage, date, etc. 

Benefits of Notebook Selling on Amazon

Easy to begin: regardless of where you are in the world or what you do, you can get on Amazon, upload books and start selling. 

Not difficult to continue: as soon as you create an account with, you can have a limitless number of products. Merch limits you to about 25 products when you start. But just because you are not limited with KDP does not mean you should go crazy. Sometimes, KDP will give you a warning when you upload 50 a day. If you are not lucky, they could terminate or suspend your account. Avoid uploading too many; maybe just 20 or 30.

Easy to sell: making money has never been easy, and that is the case here too. However, if you play your cards right, you will sell well even in overcrowded niches. 

Not strict on copyrights: this is not a go-ahead for you to start publishing trademarked or copyrighted stuff. But unlike on Merch, Amazon will not reject your listings for stupid reasons. They assume that people will put their common sense into use. 

No marketing: once you upload a product, you can forget about it. Sometimes it will sell, sometimes it will not. You cannot waste time marketing it, yet you didn’t incur any costs putting it there. Have faith in the keywords you used in the product listing.

Sell everywhere: a single KDP upload can be bought in the US as well as in other Amazon European sites such as,,, and 

Disadvantages of Notebook Selling on Amazon

You will need Illustrator or Photoshop. Being good at image editing and having great software is key. Canva could work but you can’t take book covers lightly. 

The market is not well known. As more people discover selling notebooks, the section may end up being crowded. The earlier you get in the better.

Account suspension is common. You need to be careful.

Only perfect bound books. For now, you don’t have much of a choice. 

To be successful: 

  • Look for a high-demand, low-competition niche.
  • Make your book covers appealing. 

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