How to Start a Digital Marketing Company

Years ago, it was almost impossible to start a digital marketing company, especially if one was not experienced in the field. It was impossible because of the immense needs required to make it a success. These included start-up costs, mode of operations, and inexperienced staff, all of that brought stress even at the mention of starting.

Fortunately, this is outdated, and with the digital invention, where everyone is experienced in the digital space, advertising is only a tap of a button. It has become easy to have an online marketing business in place.

We came up with a comprehensive list of how you can start a digital marketing company in this article, and we hope it will be of great help.

  1. Have the Required Skills

If you are looking forward to building a successful digital marketing company, you need to acquire the necessary skills. These skills will go a long way to ensure that you can build customer relationships, maintain them and still get referrals from the whole list of your target clients. 

For instance, you require digital marketing technical know-how to understand what digital marketing you are about and how to run campaigns as you seek to increase traffic by using one or more digital marketing channels.

You also need to be conversant with the business management skills such as project management, closing contracts, and time management and learn the basics of starting a business.

Generally, you need to be a professional in what you intend to do to drive results.

Some of these skills include.

  • Having a well-presented landing page
  • Proper designing of ads
  • Have a well-constructed messaging and reviews section
  • Have available learning systems
  • Ability to track orders or issues that need to be resolved.
  • Have a unique way of promoting your business
  • Ability to handle pressure as and when it comes.
  1. Purpose to Become a Contractor before Becoming the Founder.

Laying a foundation for every business counts a lot in the future. And deciding the kind of digital marketing services you intend to offer is the contractors’ stage. For instance, an excellent digital marketing agency will offer services such as;

  • SEO writing services
  • Web design and development
  • Content marketing services
  • Email marketing services, among many others.

If we take an instance of SEO services, concentrate on SEO services until you get enough clients to move you to the next level before engaging in other services. After this, you can become the founder and lay down further strategies to expand your digital marketing business.

Get a taste of what you intend to do- this is what we can call brain surgery.

By doing this, you will gain enough experience and understand how to mitigate risks and, on the same note, understand the business’s strengths before venturing fully into it.

On the same note, during the contractor’s stage, you will be able to get more referrals as you gain experience in the business. You’ll also leverage on cost negotiation that starts the business in full swing and, at the end of the day, fails without succeeding in baby steps.

  1. Plan on How to Operate Your Digital Marketing Business

This is a critical stage where you need to design the right business model. There are three ways you can operate the business.

  1. Working as a virtual company and hiring remote staff
  2. Using the traditional business model with a physical location and having in-service staff in place.
  3. Combine both models. When you do this, you can decide the model to use when billing your clients. This can be classified into four namely.
  • Hourly- Consultants like to charge their clients hourly because, when it comes to digital marketing, it may be hard to estimate the entire time spent on campaigns, restructuring accounts, and promotions. An hourly billing system will be a perfect fit for such services to avoid the stress of coming up with an actual cost.
  • Monthly Retainer– This is one of the simplest methods when it comes to pricing models.  Rather than going through the stress of knowing how to charge, you can start with a flat monthly fee and send an invoice when it’s due, depending on your agreement. This will allow you to analyse whether it will be a viable model and if there is any need for a change.
  • Percentage of Spend- This is a standard agency pricing model because it considers the client’s growth potential. However, as the business continues to grow, this may not be the best option, bearing in mind that other factors will affect your budget.
  • Commission-Based- This is a popular pricing model in Agencies, where payments are only made when the client makes a sale. This could be an enticing model because you hold power and control over the success of your business.
  1. Defining Your Niche

A niche can be defined as a position where you can function comfortably while offering unique services that have a competitive advantage over others. Since there are tons of digital marketing services outside there, you need to concentrate on what you specialise in if you want to win clients.

No matter how many clients are flowing into your business, you need to stand out and have a unique selling proposition as you market your services to new clients.

Why is defining your niche important?

 Several factors add value when you define your niche. These include.

  • Making onboarding easier- One can express and sell out digital marketing services efficiently, and clients will buy them easily.
  • It strengthens your skills- Once you understand your niche, you perfect the skill, and reaching out to the target market becomes easy. For instance, knowing the type of ads to run at any given period.
  • One gains a Competitive Advantage- Because there are so many digital marketing companies out there with no experience, when you define your niche and understand it, you gain an advantage over the hackiest of hackers with added trust and reliability.
  1. Decide on What you Want to Scale

Any time you tell people that you want to run a digital marketing agency, you need to be aware of the survival techniques to employ. For instance, having an office to let, hiring employees to support the business’s growth, and having survival technique strategies to enable you to pay your bills and make critical decisions.

Deciding on what you want to scale will go along different areas. Some of these include;

  • Evaluating your finances 
  • Optimising your workflow processes
  • Building a digital marketing brand that is in line with your niche.
  • Tracking your team’s activity and productivity within a given time
  • Offer solutions for the growth of your digital marketing business.


In the past, there was a notion that immense growth could only measure the marker of a successful business.  This could be partially true but remember that taking many clients could translate to high costs.

 Therefore, as you plan to start a digital marketing agency, look out for sustainable clients; at the end of the day, they will give back returns for what you have passionately looked out for in life.

We trust that this article has given your insight into the successful implementation of a digital marketing agency and that you can use it for your future investment.

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