How to Start a Home Internet Business

While it was challenging to consolidate resources and start a home internet business in the olden age, this has become one of the exciting ways to create a future career and make lots of money. The digital age has brought up better ways to improve the chances of success and make it easy to make a business plan for your home internet business. But the most important thing is to ensure that you plan, market, and be on the right foot from day one until the break even point.

This article will overview how to start a home internet business to make it easy for anyone aspiring to create one in the near future.

  1. Coming up with a Business Plan– If you want to succeed in any business, a business plan is paramount. In this case, there are several points you need to put in mind to make your goal a successful one;
  • Choosing the right products and services for your business– This can be done by first analyzing where your strongholds are. For instance, what is your training in a specific field, and what level of experience do you have in the business? For example, if you want to help people fill their taxes before the deadlines, can you calculate their taxes due? Also, confirm that you have a loyal clientele for this kind of service who will keep coming back monthly for support.
  • Confirm your daily cost of the business– This depends on whether you choose the business to operate on a full-time or part-time basis and the time it will take to complete a particular product or service as assigned by your client. For instance, if you choose to work as a freelancer, you can agree with the client on the deadlines but services such as consultancy require one to work as per the client’s timings without compromise.
  • Carry out Research– By doing this, you will know whether there is demand for the service you want. For instance, research what other businesses offer, the kind of product you wish to contribute, and whether they are making money. Also, survey your potential customers and measure their interest in the product so that you will start making money when you roll it over.

You can visit your friends and let them feel the service, and out of the response, you will be able to know if it will sell out when you roll it out.

  • Ensure that the Products and Services will thrive well in the internet world

It is essential to note that not all businesses thrive using a home-based internet. For instance, a production department cannot work well in this industry.You can consider using some services that will break even in good time. Such include consultancy services, freelancing, Accounting, developing a website, becoming a virtual assistant, and more.

  • Come up with a Budget- A budget is a fundamental right from the point of starting and planning for continuity costs. Let’s take an example of having a consultancy service in accounting. You will require a list of books you can purchase to orient yourself to customers’ needs and sell out to them for future reference.

For instance, an email marketing business could require approximately $20 per month, while web hosting services will call for $8-$20 per month. All this depends on the location and the support you receive during the month.

  • Prepare a Business Plan– A good business plan will help you meet your goals. A business plan   will detail everything that relates to your business, such as
  1. The business structure will include the products, services, and market capability.
  2. Research- Ensure you are well aware of the competition and understand your target clients.
  3. Have a good marketing plan regarding how you will communicate to your customers and how you will offer the service.
  4. You need to have a proper layout of the day-to-day operations to ensure that you offer the products correctly.
  5. Have a sound financial plan for financing the business, such as getting a bank loan. You will also need to have proper accountability for your revenue.
  6. Business Registration- Once you are ready with the information above, it’s time to register your business. It is paramount to know the type and the level of business you want to write in as below;
  • Understand the legal structure of your business–   Knowing the legal system helps determine how you will pay your taxes and the paperwork required during registration;
  • Sole proprietorship-It is one of the easiest options for a home internet business. However, all profits or losses are solely your self-responsibility.
  • Partnership- This is where you will be two parties operating the business. The responsibility, profits, and losses will be shared per the partnership agreement.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)- If you wish to start an LLC, you will require a registered name to operate the business. The owners will have an obligation to make tax payments through their tax returns. However, they are protected from personal liability since this is a company.
  • Corporation- Shareholders will own this business. In this case, you will be required to register with the IRS and obtain a tax id for the company, which will be used to file returns.
  • S Corporation- Just like a corporation, this business is similar. However, profits and losses are paid through the owner’s  personal tax returns to avoid double taxation.
  • Official Registration of the Business Name– Any business not sole proprietor or partnership requires an official registration name. This is known as DBA (Doing Business As). This is done through the state government or the county’s clerk office, which takes a few minutes to open.
  • Confirm if you require a Tax Identification Number- This is for tax filing purposes. For instance, corporations must apply for the TIN. However, for a sole proprietorship, the IRS does not require the number since one can use the Social Security number for tax payments.

However, there are exceptions for this if you have employees who will be required to pay tax by themselves or any other requirement depending on the structure of your business.

  • Apply for the Necessary Permits– This depends on the state where you operate the business. Usually, these are obtained from the county office. In this business, you may require a Home Occupation Permit to work from home. Ensure you get these in time to avoid fines.
  • Trademarks Registration– Trademarks and other proprietary information is vital because they can give you an edge against competitors. Your business will be protected from any patent during operation. A lawyer can best help through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  1. Developing a Website-This is essential to help you grow and market the business.
  • Hire a Professional or develop it yourself– Though professionals charge highly for the business, they can do a perfect job for you. But you need to consider the domain name, the cost of the web design, and the E-commerce sites to use to market your business.
  • Choose a Web Host– A web host offers space and support to run the business. These hosts include GoDaddy, WordPress, Bluehost, and Wix. To select the best for your business, research and choose a company with good tech support. Besides, ensure that the site provides technical support automatically.
  • Have Your Domain Name Registered through your Web Host or on your own-The cost of registration ranges between $10-$35 if you register on your own. There are also annual renewal charges, but these may not be required if you use a web host. The web name is registered under the Internet Corporation to get the Assigned name and the ICANN number.
  • If you are Building a Website by Yourself, decide how to do it;
  1. Using a template- This is available from services such as WordPress, Square Space, and many others; you can choose a free or a paid one, depending on your needs.
  2. Use a Business Office for support
  3. Use of Free Website Business Service- These are available from sites such as Capacity, Jimdo, Yola, and Weebly, free, though you can subscribe for the premium services at a charge.
  • Prepare your Site and Give your Content Analysis- Include information necessary for marketing your services, such as photos, a company motto or tagline, a blog, and a customer section review to create awareness.
  • Have Search Engines for Your Company in Place– There are several things to do to optimize your site. Some of these include; Placing keywords on your webpage, adding links to sites that your customers visit most, and using website analytics such as Google Analytics to know the effectiveness of your search engines.
  •  Choose the E-commerce Software you would like to use or a Third party- These software’s available from sites such as Magneto, Square Space, or Woo commerce. They offer powerful services though they require technical support. Otherwise, you can use third parties such as Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon and still enjoy their software.
  • Polish Your Website- The aim of a website so to market and drive sales. By the time you complete, ensure that the site looks professional, has good features, loads quickly, and is easy to navigate through.
  1. Business Marketing– Marketing your business comprehensively will draw many customers and enable you to make profits. This can be done through several avenues.
  • Use of Pay per click advertising method- You pay for every click a potential customer makes on your site. As many customers can click and not purchase anything, if they purchase, you stand a high chance of making good money.    To succeed in this, using google ads and Facebook can help acquire as many target customers as possible.
  • Use affiliate Sites- To bring high traffic to your site, which could, in turn, get huge sales.
  • Participate in Social Media Presence– It is wise to make healthy Noise through social media pages, creating Facebook pages, signing up for a twitter account, posting YouTube videos, or using Instagram. Ensure you link your products and services to these pages and educate potential customers about your services.
  • Use e-newsletter to Publish your Business– This can be done by providing value-added content that people will be interested in; you can post a blog or a guest post to show your expertise about the business.


When your business has good reviews, you stand to get the best customers. This is done by ensuring that you offer quality and friendly services. Use sites such as Trustpilot and Kudzu for reviews of your business, while at the same time, keep watch for a negative review on your site. 

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