How to Start a Jewelry Business

If you are an artist looking forward to sharing beauty to your world, a jewelry business can be one of the most rewarding businesses to start. To start with, being a designer and becoming an entrepreneur will blend well with becoming the best you can be and earning real money.

Though it may seem simple to start the business, it can also be challenging to decide to start producing the pieces, looking out for wholesalers and selling pre-made products. But with the right footing, the business is exciting and an excellent way to give you some extra cash.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide to aid you in knowing how to start a business and make it a great source of income.

  1. Initial Planning

 Any business requires a good foundation if you want to make money. Planning involves a comprehensive coverage of issues relating to the business. These include;

  • Creating a business plan- A business plan lays down all the procedures that need to be followed to see that the business starts and succeeds within the anticipated period. A good business plan will entail a description of things to have;
  1. Mission and Vision—To show your expectations.
  2. Niche- laying down the products and services you will offer.
  3. Target customers.
  4. Marketing.
  5. Financing- This is about knowing the source of income.
  6. Pricing.
  7. Hiring employees.
  • Coming up With a Business Name– You need to have a unique business name that blends well with your business. This will sell your business, and as such, it should relate to the jewelry business. You should also ensure that other entrepreneurs are not using the business name.
  • Business Registration– Once you come up with the name, you are required to register it with a government agency. This will depend on where your business will be located since different states have different regulations. There is a need to consult your city’s Chamber of Commerce to get the full registration details.
  • Financial Planning– The best way to go around this aspect is to estimate all your production costs and compare them with the total sales to see how realistic the business can be. Such costs include utilities, marketing, labor costs and more. This will help determine if the business is viable and give you a  direction on whether to increase the cost of sales as you look forward  to higher profits.
  1. Product Creation

You can opt to have your jewelry products in various aspects. Some of these are.

  • Producing your Pieces more so if you have a Passion for Crafting– Crafting your jewelry creates a personal touch with the product. You can also tailor-make using different designs as per your customer’s requirements. This can range from metalwork, string arts, beading, use of fabric or gemstone designs. However, you need to perfect your crafting skills if you go this direction by reading informational blogs, registering for online classes, or going through YouTube tutorials.
  • Using a Manufacturer to Produce Jewelry as per your Priorities– In this case, you can hire a manufacturer to do the craft work for you according to the designs you wish to sell. You can provide a sketch of what you need to have the finished work look like and arrange with the manufacturer to ship directly to the buyer or your warehouse for distribution.
  • Buy Premade Jewellery for Resale- Wholesalers like Alibaba and AliExpress have jewelry stocks for sale. Consider buying from them and selling at a margin. Buying in bulk can help you buy at a lower price to make a better profit margin upon resale.
  1. Marketing

Marketing revolves around identifying customers and selling products. While you go out marketing, there are several strategies you need to implore if you want to succeed in your jewelry business.

  • Reaching out to potential customers and creating a relationship– Marketing to potential clients can be done through social media advertisements or visiting sites like Etsy to market your products. 

Family and friends can also be a source of inspiration and turn out to be the number one seller in your list of customers.

  • Choose a Location that best suits your Niche– Make an informed decision on where to sell your jewelry. For instance, if you sell to Indians, look for the type of jewelry that best fits them. Additionally, use the right channel for selling to your customers. For instance, if your niche clients like online shopping, refrain from persuading them to go for physical shopping.

You can sell your pieces using social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter, Sell on Amazon, or even during craft and regional art fairs.

  • Pricing– If you want to profit, determine the cost of production, shipping, and employee costs and price a markup price which should be more than the costs mentioned. In most cases, retailers sell their pieces 2 times the cost of production to enable them to break even.
  1. Build a Brand for Your Business

An effective brand gives one a competitive advantage over other entrepreneurs selling the same product. How do you build a brand in the jewelry business?

  • Building a Unique Niche– Look for something that makes your product unique—for instance, designing a pattern that is not found in other businesses. You can conduct online research to discover the products offered and create a unique brand.
  • Create a Logo that Defines your Brand– A unique and attractive logo can give a first impression about your brand. Ensure that you capture your target audience by offering effective communication in your craft. If you need help with how to go about it, you can hire professional logo designers from freelancer websites such as Fiverr or Upwork.
  • Create a Website-A website is another effective marketing tool to help you establish your business. Here you can display all the different types of jewelry you have.

When posting any information, ensure you leave your contact details to allow clients to reach out to you. If you want to sell your products online, provide detailed information about how to purchase and the shipping procedure.

Ensure you have a domain name registered under sites such as Dotster, Namecheap or GoDaddy. Besides, host your services on Google sites such as Intuit, Wix, Weebly or Bluehost.

  • Use Exceptional Photos to Market Your Jewelry Business– Great photos sell your business to a wide extent. Before posting them on your website, ensure they are professional photos. If you are not one, hire a qualified photographer to take your photos.

On the same note, remain consistent about the backgrounds you use to maintain your brand and design.

  • Build a Social Media Presence for Your Business– Open social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to advertise your jewelry business and attract new product prospects. For those customers who have bought your jewelry, please encourage them to comment and post their jewelry photos.


The jewelry business is one of the most captivating ideas you can think of. With the hands-on experience, you might find yourself on a rock bottom for the numerous orders you can get. But though easy, it still comes with challenges. If you follow this guideline, chances are that you will emerge as a successful jewelry entrepreneur globally.

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