How to Start a Side Hustle in 14 Steps

In today’s world, you do not need your 8 to 5 work routine to make money. Gone are the days when you had to physically appear in an office. Now, with a laptop and the internet, you can earn money from the comfort of your home.

Unlike a graduate who has fewer options, creatives, and the artistic type, have a wide range of things to do to complement their salary. 

Look at it this way, a career in psychology will earn you roughly $49,000 yearly. While a psychologist who is a counselor will earn $37,000 per year. There are various ways to up this amount.

Lately, the internet is used to provide services even without physically meeting the clients. This guide will take you through some of the side hustles that are easy to learn.

1.Start Copyediting

This is an activity that can be done anywhere you are. All you need is a laptop and WI-FI. Even so, some people might ask you to scan the documents before copyediting, so try and work around that.

Before you jump right into this business, first figure out if you are capable of copyediting. A copy editor is required to be extremely careful while going through the document. They need to check on grammar, spelling, and if the document is accurate. Therefore, there is no room for error.

If you are aspiring to be a proofreader or copy editor, there are several guidelines to adhere to. The Chicago Manual Style or the APA Stylebook is the known style a proofreader has to follow.

There are different ways you can work as a copy editor. Which includes, working on reports of financial institutions, newsletters, and print magazines.

Knowing the AP and Chicago style is an added advantage. It means you can work in a media house and advertising agencies. For academic papers and medical written materials, there is a whole new process to follow. In most cases, the AMA Manual of Style is what is commonly used.

If you are committed and have basic knowledge about good grammar, punctuation, and readability, then it shouldn’t be too hard to start a copyediting career. Your next step should be getting guidelines and understanding the different styles.

On the other hand, take online courses from platforms that offer these services. Websites such as Mediabistro, Poynter, and the American Society for Editing are good examples.

If your goal is to become a freelance copy editor, look for jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerBuilder, FlexJobs, Glassdoor, and Monster. This is what you need to do, sign in and create a profile that will attract clients. Other sites will go further ahead and ask you to perform a quick test.

For an American, the hourly salary ranges from $29 to $31. This brings it to $ 45,506 early. Non-Americans working for US companies have better advantages in terms of pay.

2. Start a Consultation Services

Creatives that are in marketing, branding, graphic arts, and therapy can sell their services online to people who can’t come to them. First, create a profile explaining the services you provide.

From here, getting a job should be easy. You can get one by applying for jobs that have already been posted or clients can get in touch with you through your profile. 

Come up with a strategic plan that will ensure a continuous flow of clients. A site like Clarity. fm is a good example of a platform you could get clients. This site allows experts to get paid for offering solutions to clients via the phone or online.

Zeqr allows experts to sell their services to clients either one-on-one or online. There are other sites where people post their questions and the experts compete to get the job. Examples of these platforms include JustAnswer and PrestoExperts.

3. Manage Social Media Accounts

Being a social media manager requires you to spend a lot of time online. So, having reliable internet service and a laptop is the most important thing.

If you have already built a community and know your way around social media, you will have an easier time. But this is not to say beginners are doomed. With some guidelines, you will also get there.

A social media manager is tasked with the following: starting social media accounts, creating marketing campaigns, managing published content, and performing audits of the accounts. As we have discussed earlier, this job requires a huge following.

Employers will most likely look for people who have a bachelor’s degree in communication and journalism. But if you do not have the certification, try looking for a job as a freelance worker. In no time, you will have experience and get referrals.

Look for schools that offer short courses with management. Also, joining workshops is good for a beginner.

To succeed in this venture, you have to be creative in producing content. Followers are gained through content and knowing the right skills to capture an audience is vital. 

For a first-timer, you have to work your way up by building an audience and giving them good content.

4. Be a Writer

Choosing writing as your side hustle can be the best thing to happen to you because writing can be done anywhere. in the office, at home, and even on the road but of course, having a laptop and WI-FI is essential.

Writing requires some skills that will be beneficial in this path. First, your writing has to be top-notch, there is no room to make grammatical errors. Second, your research skills have to be the best.

Begin by deciding the field you will major in. There are several writing jobs, from article writing, and copywriting to SEO writing. It will all depend on your preference. But remember, your experience and expertise are what will sell you.

Start by marketing what you are good at, chances of getting a job in that area are high since you have more experience than starting in a new field.

Create a website or start a blog and showcase your expertise there. Ensure you choose a marketable area. If it is your first time, a Niche in Aviation and blockchain security is a great start.

Do not forget to market your skills on platforms that offer these services. An app like FlexJob has so many writing gigs.

5. Start a Career in Transcribing 

Transcribing does not require much work, especially for a journalist that has mastered certain skills such as fast and accurate typing, and good listening skills. That is basically what transcribing entails.

The best part is, it can be done anywhere. With a laptop, WI-FI, and headphones, you should be a step closer to becoming a transcriptionist.

Having basic computer skills is an added advantage. You need to know how to attach files to emails, download files, and convert them to whatever formats the clients need.

A transcriptionist can easily earn $ 26,882 per year. But this amount will depend on speed and accuracy. Obviously, with more experience comes more money.

There are many platforms to get started. Apps like Glassdoor, Monster, UpWork, and CareerBuilder are among the best sites to find work.

And when looking for a job, insist on your experience. Show the client your work and what you can achieve.

6. Become a Tutor

STEM candidates and liberal arts who are creative have many opportunities. If you are one, start earning passive income by becoming a tutor. Sites like Skype, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts have made teaching online doable. Look for jobs you qualify for. Most companies hire experienced people.

Others will require you to undertake some kind of test or assessment. If you are lucky, you can get training for the job. Some courses are in high demand like tutors of Math and science subjects. They also receive higher wages compared to other areas.

The average amount a tutor is paid is $17.72 hourly. Start by creating a profile highlighting your skills and post on company websites that will allow you. Or look for jobs on websites. 

Your services can also be useful to people in other countries like China, where you can start online English classes. 

7. Be a Graphic Designer

A Person with a creative and visual mind has a good chance of making it in graphic design. A graphic designer can run from designing logos, websites, advertisements, and marketing, to creating banners. This skill requires a person to have a clear understanding of designing and using software to do Photoshop, In design, and Illustrator.

In addition, a graphic designer has to be good at visualization and using that to come up with a design. For instance, a client can describe what they want, it is your work to design what you have been described to by the client.

In most cases, they work with advertising agents, product manufacturers, publishing companies as well as corporations. A graphic designer does not require any certification, not unless applying for a job at a creative agency that requires one.

To build your portfolio into an impressive one, start by working for smaller companies, you will gain the necessary experience and in no time multi agencies will start seeking your expertise. A graphic designer gets an average of $ 48,256 annually. 

8. Start a Career in Interior Design

Interior design is a new but fast-growing industry with vast opportunities for designers. Companies like Havenly, Decorist, Modsy, and Laurel & Wolf have changed how people viewed interior e-design to something better. They offer some of the best services by employing the best freelance designers.

Take the example of Tara Smith, who is a freelance interior designer with Modsy. She started her career in 2007 working at a yacht company and moved up the ladder to now being the best in designing residential homes at her company.

In 2014 she went back to school to study, where she got her B. A. in interior design from the art institute of Seattle. While in school, she developed an interest in the tech side of interior design.

She mainly focused on 3D assimilations. This opened the door for her to start her journey working as a freelance designer in 2016. Currently, she works from home and on the road.

If you are interested in being a freelance designer and have a design degree in the following: graphic design, architecture, and art history check out apps like UpWork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

Also, try looking for a job in Modsy, where workers get 20 to 30 projects by working 20 to 40 hours per week.

9. Become a Tour Guide

Tour guiding can be a good way to earn some money whether you have the experience or not. If you are familiar with the city, this knowledge can get you a job as a part-time or full-time tour guide.

Tourists coming to town will need to be shown around and that is where your knowledge of the city pays off. Getting a job as a tour guide is easy, look for a job in historical monuments or museums.

Also, get in touch with local tour companies they might have some positions you might be interested in. A tour guide is someone sharp, knows the history of a place, and can teach.

You need to have these few aspects to be good at your job. They are also intellectuals, performers, and people that are not afraid to walk a few distances to get the job done.

For instance, Joanna Engleman has been a tour guide in New York for over a decade. Currently, she is a social worker in Maryland. She got into the business of being a tour guide while auditioning for an acting job.

She saw an advertisement in a newspaper that needed a tour guide in New York City. To be equipped for the job, Joanna read a few books about the city, specifically Michelin Guide.

She also learned the art of tour guiding by shadowing other guides. In no time, she was an expert and finally passed her sightseeing exam which gave her a license to practice tour guide in NYC. The license varies in different states.

An actor who is not afraid of a little bit of attention can be a tour guide. Your only job will be to memorize some phrases. When it comes to the pay, Joanna would receive $15 per hour and a few tips.

When she decided to go freelance, that was where the money was. Her pay was $200 for a four-hour tour. However, this job is seasonal and you have to work tirelessly when the job is there.

According to Joanna in the spring is when there are most jobs. Here, you will get many students requiring guides. You can get these jobs on sites such as Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, and SimplyHired.

10. Start Teaching Music

A person that is good at music is someone that has spent so much time perfecting the art. There are many ways to earn through this art and teaching music happens to be one of the ways.

A music teacher has to subdivide the lessons into smaller parts that are easy to learn and understand. A good teacher will come up with curricula depending on their student’s type of music.

Their salary will vary but the median is $51,925 per year. If you are looking for a job as a music teacher, you can get one in a public school. Here, there are steps to follow. One, you must have a bachelor’s degree in music, and two, you have to take part-take in a state-approved training program.

Jobs in the private sector will not require licensing but your skills in playing musical instruments and being able to deliver good work to your students will ensure more students enroll in your classes.

Market your classes on social media, look for sites that music lovers visit, and advertise your expertise. Visit schools and instrument stores. These are some of the places you can get clients.

Craigslist, Indeed, and Monster will allow you to search for specific jobs in the music world.

11. Become a Video Editor

Being a videographer is yet another approach to follow to earn money on the side. Video editing works best for introverts who don’t mind spending hours staring at a screen.

It entails selling video edits to websites such as Pond5 and 123RF. You will receive payment each time a video is bought. You can also look for work in companies that require filming and editing services.

An experienced video editor needs to be good at editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro. The different online courses available have made being a video editor easier.

Sites like Skillshare, Udemy, Lynda, and Course Horse will bring you a step closer to becoming an expert in video editing.

12. Start a Crafts Business

Are you a talented designer specializing in crafts? There are a bunch of online marketplaces where you can sell your crafts. 

The most common are eBay and Etsy. Other sites like ArtFire, Amazon, DaWanda, and Zibbet also provide a platform for you to sell the crafts but of course at a fee. In most cases, these sites will charge for the items listed on their platform and also a percentage of the sales.

A site like Etsy takes up 3.5 percent of your sales. When listing, avoid doing so in only one marketplace. For example, Etsy is a very competitive platform, therefore, items will be listed at a lower price.

For you to get the best out of your crafts, list them on four or five sites and include Etsy since here your items will have high exposure.

You can go the other direction and create an e-commerce site, then open an online store and post all your items. The good thing about online sales is that the sale process is smooth and passive since the items have already been listed.

But after a sale has been made, you will have to take care of the packaging and the shipping. However, other sites handle that part.

A person dealing with custom-made crafts has to be extra cautious, especially through spending. Custom-made crafts require extra labor and money to purchase the materials. So then, your spending is limited.

Visit gift shops and craft boutiques and see if the owners would be interested in selling the crafts.

13. Take and Sell Photos 

There are many unprofessional photographers making money by selling pictures on stock photography. All you need is a smartphone.

Unlike in the past when you needed a quality camera, these days most phones have cameras that have high resolutions that can create unique photos.

Sites like Adobe Stock, iStock, and Shutterstock allow you to sell your photos. These sites are non-exclusive (meaning you can sell the photos on other platforms).

When it comes to the pay, a contributor gets 15% from their photos. On other sites where they claim ownership of the photos, the pay is more. A site like Getty is a good example.

Megan Betteridge, a college graduate who started selling stock photos as a means to make money, had a few pointers for anyone who planned on giving this idea a go. 

To her, lighting is everything. When shooting outside, do that while trying to capture both the morning and the sunset. Also, being a step ahead of an event or holiday is a bonus. Think of something they might need. For example, during the Christmas holidays.

Lastly, don’t be vague but be specific. For a photo captured with a baby. Specify the type of dog and the gender of the baby.  

14. Start Teaching Online

Teaching these days is not only done physically. Take advantage of this opportunity and create online courses. This way, you earn passive income and also educate your followers.

Not everyone enjoys one on one meetings. If you are a life coach, a financial advisor, or a web developer, start making money through online courses.

Sure, starting from scratch is not easy since you have to create a syllabus, write content now and then, do video recordings, and come up with a little task for your audience to complete. But once these are done, it will be a smooth ride. It will be just posting on the website what you have already created.

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