How to Use LinkedIn for Business: A Step-by-Step Guide for Marketers

LinkedIn is used by over 30 million companies for business. It is more than just a social network that people use to hire top talent. Businesses are using it to sell, connect and network. 

So, how can you incorporate LinkedIn into your social media marketing strategy?

Using LinkedIn for Business

First, you need a LinkedIn business account.

Create Your LinkedIn Page

  • Go to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions site and click on their LinkedIn Pages section.
  • Click on Create Your Page. 
  • Choose your business category.
  • Fill in your business details.
  • Add a tagline and upload your logo.
  • Click on Create Page.

Complete the Page

Add more details for visitors to know what your business is all about. This will also boost your ranking in LinkedIn and Google search results. 


  • Company description
  • Location
  • Hashtags
  • Custom button
  • Cover photo
  • Multiple languages

Share the Page

Inform people that you have a LinkedIn page. Let your employees know so they can add it as their place of work. Don’t forget to inform your customers too. 

Incorporate LinkedIn Buttons

If you have social media icons, in your newsletter or website, add one for LinkedIn as well. Feel free to add Follow and Share buttons with plugins for LinkedIn. 

Create a Marketing Strategy for LinkedIn

Once your company page is up and running, focus on creating a solid LinkedIn strategy. 

Establish the goals you want to achieve with the platform and whether or not you will have ads. See how your competitors are using LinkedIn too.

Come up with a posting schedule so that you will have enough time to plan content in advance. 

Marketing Tips for LinkedIn

Include Rich Media in Your Posts

For all social media platforms, visual content performs better. If your posts have images, they are 98% more likely to get comments. Custom images receive more engagement compared to stock photos. Videos on LinkedIn get 5 times more engagement than any other content.

Optimize Your Posts

Here are the factors that influence how posts are ranked by the LinkedIn algorithm:

  • Engagement probability
  • Interest relevance
  • Personal connections

The algorithm shows users content that is likely to interest them from pages they are connected with. 

So make sure that your content is relevant and captivating. 

Know When to Post

Brands that post at least once a month attract more followers than businesses that don’t. Those that post once a day see even more engagement. Know the times of day to post too. 

LinkedIn Live

Live broadcasts are far more engaging on LinkedIn even more than video posts. Live videos may be for webinars, interviews, fireside chats, etc. You can even host a virtual event.

A Showcase Page

You could use a Showcase Page to engage a target audience or show off a unique initiative. It is a way for users to follow you without necessarily following your page. 

LinkedIn Analytics

The analytics show your numbers. Use the numbers to know what to change and what is working. 

Target the Right People

LinkedIn allows you to target people organically in your posts. For even better results, you can include ads in your strategy.

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