How to Use Pinterest for Business: 8 Strategies You Need to Know

Pinterest has now gone public. If you have not incorporated it into your social media marketing strategy, now would be a good time to do that. 

Pinterest is more than just a platform for creating dream boards.

Why Should You Use Pinterest for Your Business?

  • In the U.S, it is ranked as the 4th most popular social network.
  • Pinterest is popular globally too.
  • The number of active users has grown tremendously.
  • Visual search is becoming a common phenomenon.
  • Women—the primary decision makers in homes—use Pinterest more than men.
  • People use the platform to shop.
  • Pins increase brand exposure.
  • People use Pinterest for inspiration.

Setting Up Your Pinterest Business Account

  1. Visit Enter a password and your email address. Click Create Account.
  2. Choose your location and language then add a business name.
  3. Connect your Etsy, YouTube and/or Instagram accounts.
  4. If you plan on running ads, inform Pinterest.
  5. Edit your business profile.
  6. Claim your website by clicking Claim (left-hand menu).
  7. Create a Board. 
  8. Create a Pin.
  9. Pick a cover photo.
  10. Have the Pinterest Tag somewhere on your website.

8 Tips and Tricks for Using Pinterest for Business

Create Interesting Content

On Pinterest, visuals are everything. Have high-quality images (and remember your mobile audience) and write a descriptive copy. Also include a great headline and your logo. 

Be Consistent

According to Pinterest, you should pin something at least once a day. You will have much more success than you would if you created a board and filled it up all at once. Regular pinning makes it easier to reach more people. 

The best way to do this would be by using a scheduling tool like Hootsuite. 

Plan in Advance

Being a better planner is important here. Most Pinterest users love to plan ahead of time. If you have seasonal content you’d like to share, do it about 40 days in advance. 

Pick relevant holidays on Pinterest and create content around them.

Connect with Pinners Using Boards

Create DIYs, tutorials or fill a board with photos of people using your product. Maybe have a board where people can share related content.

Optimize for SEO

Don’t forget that Pinterest is a search engine and SEO still matters there. Use relevant keywords in your descriptions, pin names, board and company. Be sure to also use hashtags. 

Another thing you can do to help with SEO is to pin your website content. 

Come Up with a Content Strategy

Your strategy should focus on compelling users to make a purchase. The content you create has to walk them from awareness to action. 

Target Ads Properly

On Pinterest, you can target your ads around age, location, interests, keywords, etc. There is also the option of Actalike audiences. Pinterest will find people who are similar to your customers.

Make Shopping Easy for Pinners

Pinners love to shop. You should aim at making the process easy for them. Make use of the Shop tab and Shop the Look pins. 

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