Need Extra Income? One of These 10 Best Side Hustles Can Help You Out

Side gigs or side hustles are small jobs outside your day job. These hustles can help you earn some extra cash or pay off your debts. Through these small jobs you can also explore passions and unused skills.

Common Characteristics of the Best Side Hustles

Flexibility: a side hustle should not interfere with your regular job. The first thing you should look for in a side gig is flexibility. 

Enjoyable: whatever you settle on as a side hustle should be something that you find enjoyable. Most of your free time will be spent doing it so it might as well be an activity that fits your interests and personality.

Low cost of entry: some gigs will require a significant amount of capital. Your side hustle should bring in more money than it costs you. 

10 Great Side Hustles

Ride-share Driving

You can bring in a good amount of money using your car. Lyft, Uber and other ride-share companies are constantly looking for drivers. You will need a four-door vehicle with a five-people capacity, vehicle insurance and registration. You also have to pass driving and criminal background checks. You cannot be below 21 years old. The average earning for drivers is $25 an hour.

Meal Delivery

If you do not like to have strangers in your car, you can opt for meal delivery. Services that allow for this side hustle include DoorDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats. 

Freelance Work

Make use of any special skills by signing up on a freelance network. Upwork and Fiverr are some of the platforms through which you can charge money for your financial consulting, digital marketing, coding, graphic design and copywriting skills. 

Rent on Airbnb

Why let a spare room just sit there when you can make money with it? You will have a chance of making a good amount of money especially if your place is desirable.

Online Tutoring

This is a side hustle that allows you to impart skills while making money at the same time. You can sign up on online tutoring companies (TutorMe, Brainfuse,, etc.) and teach a number of topics. The pay is usually $9 to $25. 

Teach English

Companies such as Italki, QKids and VIPKid connect instructors in the U.S with students who desire to learn English as their second language.

Sell Craft Goods

Service jobs are not the only side hustles available. A myriad of online platforms such as Amazon Handmade, Shopify, eBay and Etsy allow you to sell handmade goods from the comfort of your home.

Deliver Groceries

Many people do not like to go to the supermarket. You can help them and earn money in the process using Shipt, Instacart and other grocery delivery services. 

Create Online Courses

Create an online course on a subject that you are very good at. Udemy is a great place to start.

Sell T-Shirts Online

Upload your eye-catching or catchy slogans on RedBubble, Printful or Amazon Merch and sell without going through the trouble of shipping and inventory.

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