Netflix and Earn: How to Get Paid to Watch TV

For many people, watching TV is an enjoyable activity. Even better, you can make money in the process. There are real jobs where you get paid to watch TV shows. Although they are not easy to get, they are totally worth the effort. Here are 9 ways to get you started.

Be a Professional TV Watcher

A pro TV watcher is in it for the money, not the fun. The job entails watching hours of programming to find the appropriate clips for news broadcasts and shows. The Daily Show and Jimmy Kimmel Live are known to hire TV watchers. 

These jobs are hard to come by. You can check on Indeed and for opportunities. 

Watch Netflix Shows

Netflix pays people to binge-watch movies and shows. People that do this job are known as “taggers”. Their job involves watching TV shows and movies then categorizing them properly. You may have to watch for long hours, but you can do it in bed if you like. 

Watch Cooking Shows for Money

Swagbucks has a video channel through which you can make money. You can watch a wide variety of videos. However, cooking shows are the majority. You get paid in cash or gift cards.

Watch TV with Viggle

Viggle allows you to listen to music and watch your favorite shows for money. Whenever you listen or watch, you earn points which you can later redeem for gift cards, music downloads, and other rewards. 

Watch Perk TV

The app rewards you with points for watching television and videos. The points can be redeemed for gift cards from Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Amazon, and other vendors. The rate is 1000 points for a dollar. There are many positive reviews of Perk TV on Amazon—so it is not that bad. 

Play TV Trivia Games for Money

The Perk Pop Quiz app has countless trivia categories for you to choose from. You earn points by getting the answers right. The points are redeemable for gift cards from Target, GameStop, Nike, Starbucks, Amazon, among other stores.

Join Nielsen

Nielsen uses households to determine what shows that are aired on TV. If you become a Nielsen household, you get to have a say in this and get paid in the process. Unfortunately, you cannot just sign up on Nielsen. The members must be selected randomly for statistical accuracy. Recently, it has been reported that Nielsen is looking for more families. Watch your mailbox because every family in the U.S has an equal chance of being picked.

Find TV Watching Postings

Some TV-watching jobs never make it to job posting websites. Occasionally, perform a Google search to see if you can get lucky. Just type in “TV watcher job”. 

Watch Ads for Money

There is an app through which you may watch commercials for payment. You can find the app on However, downloads are the form of payment here, not money. 

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