Sample Credit Dispute Letter

If some of the information on your credit report is inaccurate, you can send a dispute letter to the three bureaus. You are also allowed to dispute “questionable” items. If you file a dispute, the bureaus are required by law to carry out an investigation and correct/verify the item failure to which they must delete it within 30 days.

A dispute letter can also be sent to the creditor directly. Credit dispute letters are very effective—if you write them correctly. You can either do it yourself or involve a credit repair company. Can You Dispute Your Credit Report Online? Yes, you can. The three main credit bureaus have online forums on their sites. However, filing a dispute online is highly discouraged.

You will have less control and limit your rights. Be sure to write the bureaus a hardcopy letter instead and retain copies for yourself as proof. The letter should be sent through certified mail and even go a step further and request a return receipt. Can You Dispute Your Report Over the Phone? Just like with online disputing, you can but it is better not to do it.

What Items Can You Dispute? You can dispute anything on your report including, credit inquiries, bankruptcies, collections, personal information, repossessions, judgments, tax aliens, foreclosures, and charge offs. Be sure not to dispute positive accounts on your report. You will have a hard time getting them back once they are dropped. Who Should You Contact First, Your Creditor or The Bureaus? Experts recommend talking to your creditor first.

After all, they sent the negative items. Contact them and try to settle the matter. Before calling them, have all the documents that support your claim, this includes evidence of the error (it could be a copy of your report or a letter from a collection agency). If you send copies of the paperwork, blackout your social security number and other sensitive information.

Writing A Credit Dispute Letter

Here are a few simple guidelines to remember when sending when drafting your dispute letter: The bureau knows the law. Avoid mentioning laws or threatening lawsuits. Be kind, aggressive language will only hurt you. Include copies of documents that support your claim (not original documents). The letter should be clear and concise.

Sample Credit Dispute Letter

City, St ZIP
Social security number: (your SS number)
Date of birth: (your D.O.B)
2220 Ritchey
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Dear Credit Reporting Agency,
(Ask them to give proof that the item belongs on your report and that they have not violated your rights. If they cannot prove it, ask them to remove the item).
Account name
Your confirmation Number

TransUnion Dispute Address
P.O Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022

Experian Dispute Address

2220 Ritchey
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Equifax Dispute Address
P.O Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374-0241

What If Your Creditor Does Not Follow Through? If your creditor does not respond, you will have to talk to the credit bureaus. Include a copy of the letter that you sent to your creditor in addition to the other documents. Include any phone conversations or mail response from the creditor as well. If the bureau does not respond, you might need legal help.

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