Social Media Marketing Strategy 2022

People already spend time on social platforms and through social media marketing, you can build an engaged audience. This way, you will have several sources of traffic and, consequently, growth in your business. Social media marketing can also drain you and produce no positive results at all. The difference between the above two scenarios is a social media marketing strategy.

This comprehensive guide will show you how to do it like a pro. Before anything, understand what you are looking for. What do you hope to achieve from social media marketing? Your business can amass the following benefits, brand awareness, increased sales and traffic, engaged audience, support for customers, and much more. Here are five key pillars to adhere to when coming up with a social media strategy: Goals: note what you aim to achieve and how you will measure your achievements. Target audience: know and research your ideal customer.

Content mix: build social media programming anchored on recurring content archetypes. Channels: select the suitable social networks for your purpose. Process: have in place the tools and infrastructure to follow your strategy.

Setting Goals
Your goals should be reflected in your posts so define them in advance. Check out some of these great goals that you can consider:
Driving brand awareness
Acquiring leads
Getting sales
Driving online traffic
Getting a loyal following
Establishing social proof
Offering customer service
Identifying the Target Audience
Research your target audience. Look for any observable patterns. Check out the people that are most likely to buy from your business. This step is easier if you are running a niche business.

After your digging, build your “buyer persona” or ideal customer. Fill out their traits.
Relationship status
Income level
Favorite apps/sites
Motivation to buy
Buying concerns
Other info
Creating Content for Social Media
What recurring post types and formats will you rely on? To do this efficiently, answer the following question: “Other than your product, can you offer value consistently to your audience?”
Try incorporating the following in your content mix:
Promotional posts
Giveaways and contests
Influencer/customer features
Community events
Allow Customers to Contribute

Depending on what products you sell, you can encourage your customers to submit before and after pictures using your branded hashtag. You can then share the photos on your shoppable Instagram page.
Shots of the Product in Use
This is an amazing way to drive sales.
Humor Relating to Your Audience

Funny posts can make your audience engage more. Leverage funny videos and memes.
Prioritize Channels for Your Strategy

You have more than one option as far as social media channels are concerned. Make sure you:
Choose only as many channels as you can maintain.
Utilize the strengths of each one.
Executing Your Plan
Collect ideas and plan your content.

Next, schedule your content. There are great tools for this like:

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