Top Airbnb Rentals Around Tokyo

You don’t want to spend all your money on accommodation. You can go for extreme money-saving options like staying at a manga café all night. However, a practical and private place is more ideal. The following 10 rentals are both reasonable and nice. Some of them offer kendo dojo and others built-in breakfast.

Budget Choice: Shinjuku

This pad in Shinjuku may not be expensive but it is perfect. It is small yet comfortable. If you are traveling as a couple or family, this is the best place to stay. In addition to being affordable, you get to self-check-in, stay longer and access free wifi. The price is 1101 yen a night.

Ueno, Tokyo

You will find this apartment in Arakawa Ward. It offers space for two people and is not very far from Ueno Park. You will get a kitchenette and wifi. The hosts are amazing and may supply you with great sandwiches and let you enjoy a kendo experience. The price is 2500 yen a night.

Shinjuku, Tokyo

This host has merged two apartments to allow for a large group of travelers. Eight people can comfortably stay here—beds are provided. You will be given a pocket router so you can easily access the internet. The price is 32000 yen a night. 

Skytree Station, Tokyo

Located just a few minutes from the Tokyo Skytree Station, this Airbnb offers a large balcony. This is not something that you can easily find in Japan. You will have a very clear view of Tokyo Skytree. You can squeeze in seven people here. The price is 7400 yen a night. 

Shinagawa, Tokyo

This studio is small, clean, and modern. It is in a quiet neighborhood, close to the Shinagawa station. It has a washer, dryer, kitchenette, large beds, Netflix, and wifi. It can accommodate two people and the price is 4500 yen a night. 

Shibuya, Tokyo

This unit is situated in the middle of Shinjuku. Despite that, it is still a quiet place to stay. It is near bars, shops, and stations. The capacity is two people and the price are 5701 yen a night. 

Asakusa, Tokyo

If you want to experience a traditional Japanese feel, this guesthouse is just right for you. There are two bunk beds so four people can stay there. The price is 8000 yen a night.

Shinjuku, Tokyo

Located near Takadanobaba Station, this Japanese-style apartment is quite affordable; especially because it can accommodate six people. There are eateries and shops around (which is very convenient). The price is 17000 yen a night. 

Sangenjaya, Tokyo

This homestay is in a modern residential area not far from Shibuya. The rooms are small but spotless. There are great reviews about this place and the hosts. It can accommodate two people and the price is 3000 yen a night.

Shinjuku, Tokyo

This is a small room situated on the 10th floor. It can only accommodate one person. The price is 4980 yen a night. 

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